Q&A: How Beam Helps Dealers Deliver Central Vac Systems

The central vacuum category requires a lot of pre-installation planning. Beam aims to help integrators sell, install and deliver these systems to clients.


Don't discount central vacuum. While it's been a notoriously overlooked and undervalued category in the industry, it can revitalize your profits if done correctly

We're paying special attention to the central vac category this month on CE Pro, and we spoke to Jim Carmichael of Electrolux Small Appliances and BEAM Built-in Vacuums about how the company can help dealers sell and install CVAC systems.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

BEAM Built-in Vacuums offers products that deliver some of the most attractive profit margins in the low-volt industry, unlike other product offerings whose margins have been eroding.

Moreover, they can help integrators earn more business with homebuilders who seek subcontractors that can provide a full line of electronics systems.

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

BEAM Built-in Vacuums has been the global leader manufacturing and marketing central vacuum systems for 60 years. Our products improve the indoor air quality of the home by removing 100 percent of contacted dirt and allergens from the living space without stirring up dust.

They also qualify for points toward meeting most green building program standards.

Tell us about one particularly interesting installation of your product. 

Installing a BEAM system is very versatile in their applications. One particular installation that is becoming more common is installing a central vacuum in to hair salons.

Various ways of installation can incorporate a kicksweep, often called an automatic dustpan, or installation of inlets at each station where the stylist can use a short customized air hose to clean up around the barber chair.

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Besides the usual, what really specific thing differentiates you from your competitors? 

In addition to being the global market leader, BEAM Built-in Vacuums brings the vast research and product development talent of Electrolux to deliver systems with advanced technology and unmatched reliability.

Our self-cleaning BEAM Precision Powerhead that can clean any flooring surface from hardwood and tile to super-plush carpet earned a CE Pro Best Award for product innovation. And we have been recognized by integrators for providing the industry's best warranty program.

We also provide a complete portfolio of support programs to our dealers from marketing assistance and materials to home show and model home display systems.

What one technical tip can you offer about installations?

We offer dealers step-by-step printed and video installation instructions. We encourage dealers to load these materials to a tablet or laptop and take them to the job site. They offer a ready reference in case they run into any issues.

Where do dealers typically get tripped up on installs? 

Planning the installation of a system is most critical — determining the precise number and location of inlet valves, location and route of the trunk line and placement of the power unit.

The time invested in the planning process will head off any problem during the rest of the installation and assure the system operates at peak performance.

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