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Beam Central Vacs Part of Custom Touch for Buyers of Production Homes

By Advertorial · November 15, 2017 • Detroit-area integration firm thrives in a still-struggling homebuilding market by offering consumers customized technology solutions.

Low-Voltage and Electrical Skills Create Ideal Conditions for Delving into Central Vac

By Advertorial · October 24, 2017 • Las Vegas integrator with roots in electrical contracting expands into low-voltage and applies both practices to become a premiere Beam central vac dealer.

Central Vacuum Industry Recovers from Rocky 2000s

By Advertorial · September 15, 2017 • Beam executive forecasts growth and innovation for the central vacuum business now and in the future.

CE Pro 100 Names Top Central Vacuum Brands

By Robert Archer · June 15, 2017 • Leading the category for the second year in a row is H-P and its brands. BEAM Electrolux, Honeywell, Nutone and Hide-A-Hose follow. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

Central Vacuum Dealer Thrives in Custom Home Market

By Advertorial · June 13, 2017 • BEAM Easy Living Center boasts a 75-percent close rate of central vacuum systems with custom homebuilders.

Home Systems Veteran Stays True to His Central Vac Roots

By Advertorial · June 7, 2017 • Bill Piercy of Albuquerque Sound and Vac has sold central vacuum systems for nearly 30 years, and it’s still the bread-and-butter of his business.

9 Creative Uses for Central Vacuum Systems

By Jason Knott · April 12, 2017 • How central vacuum systems can be used non-traditionally by clients to clean up wax or gum, eliminate stains, and remove dust from drapes, books, and more.

Why Are You Still Trying to Sell Central Vac Without a Demo?

By CE Pro Editors · November 9, 2016 • In as little as a 10-minute tutorial, clients can become well acquainted with central vacuum systems ... and oftentimes a demo can seal the deal.

Q&A: How Beam Helps Dealers Deliver Central Vac Systems

By CE Pro Editors · November 8, 2016 • The central vacuum category requires a lot of pre-installation planning. Beam aims to help integrators sell, install and deliver these systems to clients.

25 Essential Tools You Need to Install Central Vac

By Lisa Montgomery · November 3, 2016 • Central vacuum has found a niche with systems integrators. Here are 25 tools you need to cover complete CVAC installation, from beginning to end.

How to Make Central Vacuum Sexy and Increase Those CVAC Sales

By Lisa Montgomery · November 1, 2016 • It may not be as sexy to sell as smart home, A/V or even security, but offering central vac systems could provide custom integrators a chance to really clean up with this attractive option for end users.

Inside Beam’s CEDIA 2016 Booth: BEAM Alliance Central Vac System

By CE Pro Editors · September 28, 2016 • The Beam Alliance System may be the 'most technologically advanced central vacuum ever built.' CEDIA 2016 attendees got to see it for themselves, and you can too with our virtual booth tour.

Installing Central Vac in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

By Advertorial · August 25, 2016 • Semi Integrated Condo Vac from Electrolux offers integrators an entrée for central vacuum systems into apartments, condos, and other multi-family dwellings.

CEDIA Q&A: Electrolux Demos Technologically Advanced BEAM Alliance System

By CE Pro Editors · August 15, 2016 • Electolux's most technologically advanced central vacuum will be on display at CEDIA 2016 along with the BEAM Precision.

Why Central Vac Is Key Add-on Technology

By CE Pro Editors · August 1, 2016 • In this CE Pro Advantage Series White Paper, you will learn how to easily add CVAC to a security installation offering, and even how to earn recurring monthly revenue (RMR) from it.

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