Pre-CEDIA Q&A: Orro Looks to Showcase Importance of Human-Centric Lighting

Integrators can learn all about Orro’s line of human-centric lighting products, including the positive impacts it can have on the body, during CEDIA Expo 2021 in Indy.

As integrators become more familiar with the benefits of taking care of lighting jobs themselves, many are looking for additional ways to sell lighting products and provide better solutions for customers. To that end, integrators looking to earn more business from the burgeoning lighting category should be sure to stop by Orro‘s booth during CEDIA Expo 2021, as the company looks to showcase its line of human-centric lighting focused designs.

To help integrators learn what to expect from Orro’s first appearance at CEDIA Expo, CE Pro recently spoke with Patrick Gall, head of channel development at Orro to learn more about the company’s latest human-centric lighting and lighting automation products, as well as find out what the company is excited to talk about with integrators during the expo.

Tell us what you have on tap for CEDIA Expo in terms of both education and on the exhibit floor?

CEDIA Expo 2021 is Orro’s first time exhibiting, so we’re just excited to be there in general! This will be the first time such a large number of people in the industry will get to experience Orro first-hand. We’ll have a nice booth in the LaunchPad that will have fully working Orro systems to demonstrate both the lighting aspect of Orro + the Smart Home Controls aspect of Orro.

For many, it will be the first time they get to learn more about what human-centric lighting is all about and how Orro does it automatically for the customer, without them ever having to think about touching a light switch again. Orro hopes to draw more attention to human-centric lighting and the positive impacts it can have on someone’s body.

What are you most looking forward to about getting back together in person?

We’re still relatively new in the industry so we’re looking forward to meeting many more people as well as meeting dealers, distributors and partners that we’ve only met virtually up to this point. With that, we look forward to being able to share Orro and our vision with the industry.

What is the one question dealers should ask when they come to your booth?

“Can you tell me more about Human-Centric Lighting, why it’s important, and how Orro implements this?”

What is your booth number?

Booth 2729.

CEDIA Expo attendees looking to learn more about Orro and its offerings during the show should check out the company’s website here. Integrators interested in signing up for CEDIA Expo 2021 still have time, and can sign up directly via the CEDIA Expo website.