Lutron Acquires Limelight Commercial Outdoor Wireless Lighting Control

Lutron acquires Limelight outdoor wireless lighting control from Twisthink to expand its commercial IoT solutions.


Lutron Electronics has expanded its expertise in the wireless lighting control arena with the acquisition of the Limelight wireless outdoor lighting control system created by Michigan-based, strategic innovation firm Twisthink and its partner company, TwistHDM. 

Limelight is a wireless lighting control solution for outdoor and industrial facilities that provides remote control and management, saves energy, and enhances facility safety.

With the simplicity of its wireless fixture-level control architecture, it also helps ensure code compliance and streamlines the specification and design process. 

In May 2018, Lutron and TwistHDM announced a relationship that established Limelight by Lutron, adding a best-in-class wireless exterior lighting control offering to Lutron’s wide-ranging product line, which historically focused on interior controls and automated shading solutions.

This acquisition of the Limelight assets is a new, exciting chapter for the two companies’ alliance, said Scott Hanna, Lutron senior vice president. 

“The purchase of Limelight is the logical next step in the relationship between Lutron and TwistHDM,” says Hanna. “Limelight by Lutron was a terrific opportunity to deliver a simplified outdoor lighting solution that was part of a portfolio of indoor and outdoor smart building controls.

“Acquiring Limelight offers the potential for an even wider range of IoT solutions. With this new capability, we look forward to what we can do to fulfill our Number One principle: Take care of our customers with superior goods and services,” says Hanna. 

Enhanced Commercial Lighting Solution

Limelight by Lutron integrates data seamlessly into Lutron’s existing data and management platform, Enterprise Vue.

“Acquiring Limelight offers the potential for an even wider range of IoT solutions.”

— Scott Hanna, Lutron

That software, which offers a variety of metrics and alerts, enables a facility’s interior and exterior lighting to be controlled from one dashboard and allows Lutron to provide a solution for multi-building projects and campuses looking to control lighting indoors and out. 

“With the construction industry increasingly turning to smart building IoT solutions, the addition of Limelight to Lutron’s brand portfolio gives Lutron a formidable range of lighting control options,” says Bob Niemiec, managing partner at Twisthink and TwistHDM. 

Limelight was developed in 2008 by Twisthink, a strategic innovation firm. Limelight’s universal wireless modules are capable of working with any LED fixture, factory or field installed.

The controls leverage occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, event scheduling, and zoning to use energy only when, where and to what degree is needed, resulting in an energy savings of at least 50 percent.

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Limelight also decreases maintenance costs with email alert notifications, fault detection, and remote monitoring. TwistHDM is based in western Michigan, where Limelight is locally manufactured and has deployments throughout North and Central America.

“Our Twisthink team created Limelight in 2008 as part of a goal to produce the smartest outdoor lighting control system in the world,” observes Niemiec.

“Establishing an alliance with Lutron, known for its long and innovative history, succeeded beyond our expectations. Limelight will be a key part in creating lighting solutions that serve the public, save energy, and support our customers’ aspirations.”