KB Home Finds Smart Home Appliance Adoption Growing

KB Home says that its customers are increasingly choosing to integrate Kwikset smart locks, Google Nest Hello Doorbells, and Whirlpool smart appliances into their homes.


KB Home, one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S., recently released data indicating a 44% increase in smart appliance selection by its clients.

The company also finds that more than 25% of all KB Home customers also chose smart security devices for their homes.

Gena Kirk, Vice President of design studio, KB Home, says the company expects to see consumers continuing to choose smart products for their homes over the long term.

“I believe we will continue to see an increase in consumers seeking the convenience of controlling their appliances right in the palm of their hands,” she states.

“With the ease of scanning cooking directions to make mealtime as seamless as possible or starting the dryer on your way home from work from your phone, app-connected appliances allow consumers to make their lives simpler.”

Doorbells and Appliances Pique Consumer Interest

According to KB Home, some of the most popular devices its customers selected include Kwikset smart locks and Google Nest Hello to support the safety and security of their homes.

The large homebuilding company also points out that app-enabled appliances from companies such as Whirlpool and Moen are popular products.

As an example, a few of the reasons for the popularity of these products can be found with the Whirlpool Smart Oven. This appliance allows homeowners to control their ovens through the Whirlpool app where they can use options such as the “Keep Warm” and “Scan-to-Cook” from their phones.

The Whirlpool Smart Washer lets users schedule cycles, track the progress of their laundry and it sends an alert with the laundry is finished. The U by Moen allows users to turn on their showers and control water temperature through voice control options via Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant.

“With technology continuing to advance, smart-home security is continuing to be sought after. There is great ease and peace of mind that comes with app-connected devices. Consumers can check to make sure their front door is locked after leaving their home or see who is at their front door right from their phones,” adds Kirk.

“The options and features are extensive and can be customized to meet the varying needs of all customers.”