HTSA Names Tom Doherty Special Projects Coordinator

Longtime industry leader Tom Doherty to develop new strategic initiatives and assist in member education for Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) buying group.


The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) buying group has appointed Tom Doherty to a new role at the organization, placing him in charge of special projects. Doherty will be tasked with determining new areas of opportunity, creating strategic plans, assisting the group and its members in adoption and execution, and developing programs for member education.

In this newly created role at HTSA, Doherty will be charged with scanning the industry and identifying new opportunities within or adjacent to existing businesses that offer significant potential for additional growth for HTSA members. Once these opportunities are identified, a strategic plan will be researched and developed to maximize the returns from the targeted opportunity.

Finally, as part of the execution of this special projects plan, Doherty will also be charged with helping create new training and education to assist members in successfully adopting the groups’ plan.

“I can think of no one better credentialed to lead this new role at HTSA,” says Jon Robbins, executive director of HTSA. “The breadth of his experience and the depth of his business acumen is the perfect combination to help the organization identify, implement, and dominate new business opportunities. With this appointment, HTSA asserts its proactive role in driving growth for our members and for the overall channel.”

“I can think of no one better credentialed to lead this new role at HTSA.”

— Jon Robbins, HTSA

Doherty started has a 40-year career in the industry. Starting his career as an integrator, he launched Architectural Audio and Video in Indianapolis back in 1985. Then, in 1989, seeing the need to get the nascent industry organized, he joined with a handful of other integrators to create CEDIA.  

Doherty went on to become the organization’s first president. CEDIA awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 in recognition of his significant contributions to the organization. 

In 1996 Mr. Doherty co-founded Escient, one of the industry’s first convergence companies. In 1998, he and his partners at Escient acquired CDDB, a company now known as Gracenote. Going on to serve on the Gracenote’s board of directors, Doherty helped drive adoption of their technologies and services which provided a critical capability that facilitated the successful launch of the Apple iPod.

Most recently, he was Senior System Designer for Triphase Technologies, a CE Pro 100 custom electronics integration company in Indianapolis.

HTSA Members React 

HTSA members reacted strongly when they heard the news of Dohery’s appointment. 

“The hiring of Tom Doherty by HTSA to work on special initiatives is a bold, powerful and insightful move, and I am absolutely delighted by the announcement,” says Mark Hoffenberg of AudioVisions. “Tom is a proven visionary and leader in our industry. His rich history and deep understanding of every aspect of the technology integration business is virtually unmatched. Tom will be invaluable to the continued growth and success of both HTSA members and vendors.”

Tom Doherty graced the first cover ever of CE Pro, then called HA Pro.

“HTSA is lucky to have somebody like Tom Doherty in the group,” says Dennis Jaques of Maverick Integratino. “Members will definitely benefit from Tom’s vast knowledge and technical experience gleaned from the many years and the many facets of his career. I want everybody to realize that we need more people like Tom Doherty in our industry – leading and mentoring our members to new heights, so we can all grow and profit.”

“I think this appointment of Tom Doherty is probably the most compelling advance that the group has made in more years than I can count,” comments Franklin Karp of Audio Video Systems. “This appointment really takes us to another level.  To get someone like Tom, who is so respected, with such great experience and knowledge – and have him help HTSA members to benefit from his experience – is remarkable. Fantastic! I know of very few people with the level of credibility that he brings to the party – I mean, this has been his life. This is a one-in-a-million opportunity for HTSA.”

“I have known Tom Doherty for 25 years and he is truly a visionary thought-leader,” says Mark Ormiston of Definitive Audio. “He’s a guy who looks at how things are done and then pushes himself and others to consider what else is possible – ‘How could this be improved?’ For example, years ago when he was a really just a young guy selling stuff, he looked at the industry and got some guys together and did a really high-minded thing…putting together what is now CEDIA. He didn’t look at it as an opportunity for himself – he said, ‘What can I do to grow the opportunity for everyone.’ I think that’s pretty incredible. This appointment is a great thing for HTSA and HTSA members. I’m excited.”

“I think this appointment of Tom Doherty is probably the most compelling advance that the group has made in more years than I can count.”

— Franklin Karp, Audio Video Systems

“Tom is one of those rarely gifted people with immense extrasensory abilities. I recall meeting him through a mutual Sony contact and dear friend, Brad Kibble, in Amelia Island, Florida, in 1990. The small group of people meeting there went on to become known as CEDIA,” says Bob Gullo of Electronic Design Group. “We are often judged by the company we keep. HTSA has always been a boutique, classy organization made up of some of the best and brightest in the industry. Bringing Tom Doherty into the HTSA fold exemplifies our leadership’s commitment to not only seek out the best members and vendors, but to employ the most talented people who will continue to buck the ‘status quo’ and lead our membership into new business opportunities as the market leader and innovator. I’m excited to have Tom on our team.

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