Control4 Tiny Home Packs Smart Controls Into 250 Square-Feet

During the International Builders Show 2019, Control4 unveiled its version of a tiny home packed with smart lighting, intelligent appliances, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Control4 Tiny Home Packs Smart Controls Into 250 Square-Feet

This tiny home is fully-stocked with smart home technology including Alexa-enabled smart appliances, Triad speakers, and Control4's Intercom Anywhere.

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During the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Control4 showed off its Tiny Smart Home, a compact, 250-square-foot space designed to give architects, builders, and designers an interactive, design-forward smart technology experience. 

The Tiny Smart Home was created to replicate an “at-home feel” combined with a fully-loaded smart home system that includes smart lighting, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart appliances. 

According to a recent report from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, consumers are seeking guidance and knowledge from interior designers for these types of devices, so Control4 decided to showcase exactly what these technologies can offer homeowners. 

“The Control4 Tiny Smart Home is the best way for design professionals to begin envisioning how technology can be orchestrated to suit their design talents, perfectly complementing a homeowner’s lifestyle,” says Brad Hintze, senior director of product marketing for Control4.

“Though it’s packed with a whole-home automation system, the technology is discreet so there is no compromise to the design aesthetic.”

What's Inside the Control4 Tiny Smart Home?

Inside the smart home is a lofted bedroom, compact kitchen, and a divided living space with dozens of entertainment and control devices. Visitors can interact with these spaces via custom-engraved wall keypads, handheld remotes, touch screens, mobile devices, or voice controls.

The Control4 system includes smart lighting and shading, multi-room audio with Triad speakers, Control4 Intercom Anywhere, video distribution, temperature control, security, and more.

The company set up scenes to help transform the ambiance of each room, so with one button press, voice command, or tap, users can adjust lighting zones, speakers, fans, and shades simultaneously.

In the kitchen, visitors can say, “Alexa, turn on cooking,” to set the room to the ideal light and comfort level for making a home-cooked meal.

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At the door, pressing the “Away” keypad button closes the shades, shuts off the interior lights, lowers the thermostat, and turns on exterior lights.

Similarly, hitting “Blinds Up” or “Blinds Down” in the lofted bedroom helps get the shading perfect for sleeping or reading.

Other control options include pressing the “Watch Movie” button to dim lights, lower shades, and turn the TV on, or pressing “Outdoor” to bring the entertainment and smart living experience to the patio.

If the doorbell rings, a live audio and video feed from Intercom Anywhere will pop up on the touch screen, or the TV if it’s on, for quick video and audio communication.

Check out the slideshow for interior shots of the Control4 Tiny Smart Home!