CES 2016: AudioQuest Beetle, JitterBug Add to Digital Audio Goods

AudioQuest continues to deliver wide-ranging offerings for consumers interested in high-performance computer/digital audio systems, showcasing new products such as the Beetle optical-Bluetooth DAC and JitterBug USB power and noise filter during CES 2016.


It might sound like there's a need for pesticides at the AudioQuest rooms during CES 2016 in Las Vegas, but the sound emanating from company's Venetian suites (30-105, 30-106) shouldn't bug attendees one bit.

AudioQuest has been at the forefront of computer-based digital audio systems for years now, and custom integrators with clients and prospects who are seeking to take advantage of today's top-notch digital systems are sure to come away from the company's suites armed with some intriguing product ideas and further education on digital technologies.

AudioQuest began embracing the insects a few years ago when it introduced the acclaimed thumbdrive-sized DragonFly USB digital-to-analog converter as one of the pioneers in that category, which took off as more listeners began using their laptops and desktop computers as viable digital music sources, especially 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio (now officially HRA) files.

In 2015 the company continued to strive for more pristine performance with the introduction of the JitterBug USB data and power noise filter device, a little $49 adapter that packs in technology said to reduce jitter as well as the noise that can negatively impact data and power lines of USB ports. The company says such noise in the circuitry can damage the sound's depth, warmth and resolution during playback.

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Along with the JitterBug, AudioQuest at CES will be introducing attendees to the Beetle, which it showed during 2015's slate of high-end audio shows. The Beetle is an optical-Bluetooth USB DAC that includes a Toslink input for improving sound quality, noted digital audio guru Michael Lavorgna of Audiostream during the Munich High End show, “squarely aimed at real-people devices like Apple TV or Sonos Connect and I got to hear a comparison with/without the little Beetle and guess what?

The Beetle-endowed Connect sounded better. Much better.”

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Despite the preview during the hi-fi shows, there's nothing yet except “Coming Soon” about the Beetle on AudioQuest's website, so we'd imagine that will be officially updated following the CES 2016 debut.


AudioQuest will feature its new JitterBug USB filter (left) and Beetle DAC during CES 2016

Along with those products and others – such as the DragonFly, NightHawk and NightOwl headphones, Niagara Series power products and an assortment of cabling solutions – AudioQuest personnel will be delivering presentations to help educate attendees on the technologies incorporated into the products and how it can impact performance, as well as the role of AC power management in the audio playback chain.

Integrators looking to further their knowledge on digital audio systems can check out the presentations Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Jan 6-8 in suite 30-106. At 11 a.m., Garth Powell, director of AudioQuest's power division, will discuss AC power management; at 2 p.m. the company's digital audio expert Steve Silberman will talk about the JitterBug, Beetle and other technologies while taking a look at the future of digital music.

Consider the timing of those discussions into your schedules perhaps before moving next door to 30-105 to demo the products at the “AQ Try-Bar.”