CEDIA Clips: Disappearing Camera Trick, Smarter Smart Lock, Spinning iPad, More

Some CEDIA 2017 things are better said with video: SnapAV’s easy-install outdoor speakers, HIDEit mount for TiVo Bolt, Future Automation’s CCTV hider, Viveroo iPad mount and more.


CEDIA 2017, the trade show for audio, video and smart-home integrators, is done. CE Pro editors are scouring through videos, photos and notes and will bring readers our findings and opinions as fast as possible.

Here are a few short videos of six interesting finds at the San Diego convention center.

We might well remember this year's show as the one where you could find mounting solutions for everything. Enjoy these quick clips of the Viveroo Loop iPad swivel mount, HIDEit mount for TiVo Bolt, easily-installed SnapAV outdoor speaker, tricked-out motorized TV mount from Trakkit, Oviku's unpickable smart lock, and a disappearing camera mount from Future Automation.

Viveroo iPad Mounts

Say you're playing a live game of Words with Friends. Instead of passing your iPad back and forth, just spin it around to your competition. OK, maybe you don't need a Viveroo Loop for that, but this swiveling iPad mount has a whole lot of great uses. Go from portrait to landscape mode on the wall. Or share proposals with clients across the table. Viveroo is a popular brand in Europe, but the company is now eyeing the U.S. market. iPad's can be locked in place from the Viveroo app.

HIDEit Mounts

Get to know HIDEit Mounts. They make a bunch of handy mounts for pretty much anything that might go near a television or entertainment center. This mount for the odd-shaped TiVo Mount can go on a wall, but it also features VESA-standard holds for attaching directly to a TV. HIDEit also makes mounts for other popular gear including AppleTV, Roku, and even the cylindrical Amazon Echo.


It's one of those silly and obvious things, but SnapAV has done it — made it simple to mount an outdoor speaker, which historically has been an unwieldy endeavor. Yes, you need a screw driver and screws to mount the bracket, but at the end of it all, just slide in the speaker and screw on the end cap. No need to climb a ladder with a big honkin' speaker and a bunch of little tools, balancing as you screw the thing into place. There's a little rubber cap that exposes some screw holes for keeping the speaker in place over time. It's not going anywhere.


 Trakkit can motorize anything — in this case, a TV that traverses along the ceiling and swivels 180 degrees.


Oviku started life as an extra-secure, pick-proof lock that wasn't particularly smart. The gist was that the user put the lock in a “secure” mode from the inside, at which point there would be no way to pick the lock from the outside. The lock mechanism wouldn't move. As they explained at CEDIA, it's a much more effective back-up than a door chain because the little kiddos at home can't reach the chain if they need to escape in an emergency.

Now Oviku has added electronics to the lock, so it's secure and smart. The new product, shipping this fall, is available with Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology. It installs like an August lock and does not require replacing the deadbolt.

Worried about freaking out your guests with an overt security camera? Future Automation, which makes motorized mounts mostly for TV displays, showcased a device that hides a camera at the press of a button, and brings it back at your command.

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