CEDIA Seeks Beta Testers for New Certification

Registration is now open for the 180-question beta test for CEDIA’s Cabling & Infrastructure Technician Certification. Beta test slots are priced at $50 per person.


CEDIA is launching beta testing for its CEDIA Cabling & Infrastructure Technician (CIT) Certification, according to a recent press release. CIT Certification is designed for those who are just starting in the industry or are embarking on the early stages of a career as a technician. Registration for the beta test is available now and it will be administered virtually from November 5 – November 30.

“Beta testing is one of the final, but one of the most crucial stages in making CIT Certification a reality,” says CEDIA director of certification David Whitney.

“For technicians, especially if you’re new to the field or looking to be recognized for your technical competence, the CIT beta test is a chance to earn CEDIA newest certification at a discounted price. Experienced individuals will also want to earn this certification on their way to CEDIA’s higher credentials. The feedback gathered from all participants will be used to ensure that the final exam is accurate, fair and can be trusted to reliably measure a new technician’s readiness for work.”

This version of the exam, which can be taken virtually through the Kryterion Remote Proctoring system, is longer than the final, published version — three hours, compared to two. The process ensures the best outcome for the final version. According to CEDIA, all beta testers will receive results in December.

Registration is now open and the 180-question beta test is being offered for the special price of $50. The CIT exam is built on the framework developed by the Job Task Analysis, which was completed earlier this year. The CIT Exam Development Task Force, comprised of industry-experienced volunteers, has worked to craft the exam.

“This certification is a new essential standard for our industry,” says certification commission chairman Dennis Erskine. “It measures the very important set of knowledge and skills that every technician should possess to work safely and effectively on a jobsite during the first years of their career. Employers looking to get new technicians up to speed quickly now have a clear target to aim for and an outline to get there. Ensuring that new hires know the right way to do things from the start is a smart investment that every business owner should be making.”

CIT is the prerequisite for CEDIA Integrated Systems Technician (IST) Certification, which is under development and is slated to be fully complete in Spring 2021.

More details on all CEDIA Certifications, their benefits, and ways to participate are available here. CEDIA recently published the Cabling & Infrastructure Technician book, which is a key reference for this exam.