6 Most Entertaining, Inspiring Demos at CEDIA 2016

These six awesome demos from Meyer Sound, AudioControl, Barco, Stewart Filmscreen, RBH, and Phase Tech got the ‘fun’ seal of approval at CEDIA 2016.


There are many things that set CEDIA apart from other industry events and trade shows, but one of the most obvious reasons is this: it's fun! Other events, while interesting, are almost predetermined before the event takes place.

Consider some of the audiophile shows, for example, which are often held in hotels. Audio companies stuff their gear into rooms that are realistically the worst acoustical environments to conduct audio system demonstrations.

Most of these companies choose to ignore the acoustical shortcomings of these environments and they compound the bad environments by playing bad music. It’s a double whammy.

Running digital files, vinyl, CDs and even reel-to-reel tapes of Diana Krall, Patricia Barber or some other audiophile darlings, these companies’ demos are as about as much engaging as reading the Wells Report.

CEDIA 2016, however, provided a mix of audio, video and home theater demos from a variety of brands at a range of price points. The content used by exhibitors is almost always fun and familiar, and in most of these demos it is apparent that manufacturers paid close attention to small details that produced noticeable results.

Here are some impressions from the product and system demos I witnessed during the show.

PHOTOS: Inside 6 entertaining demos from CEDIA.