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CE Pro 100 Dealer Trusts Scalability, Simplicity of Access Networks Products

CE Pro 100 integrator Signals AV swears by the simplicity of Access Networks products, which enable their technicians to become experts after only a few installs.

CE Pro 100 integration company Signals AV has been in business for over a quarter of a century now, and in that time, founder Todd DeAngelis has been focusing on two forms of networking: the networking products he sells and installs, and some social networking that has allowed him to forge special relationships with industry experts. The latter form of networking led DeAngelis to hire a young Hagai Feiner, now founder of professional networking company Access Networks, to install and optimize Signals AV’s systems. 

This unique relationship between two industry experts lives on to this day, as DeAngelis continues to trust Feiner and Access Networks with all of his networking needs. In fact, since the days of Feiner’s employment at Signals, the company has expanded into Las Vegas and Maui, with both new locations making good use of Access Networks products. 

“It was a no-brainer for us because we were familiar with [Hagai’s] talents and we love the simplicity,” says DeAngelis, commenting on why Signals AV continues to work with Access Networks.

“It’s a system that goes in for every installation, so it’s an expectation of ours and of our clients. They are a big part of our business and one of our big partners.”

DeAngelis also suggests that Access Networks’ products have helped him take on larger projects, thanks in part to how easily scalable the systems are for his technicians, as well as being relatively easy to learn. 

“Once our technicians have employed one or two [systems] they become experts, and with the support from Access Networks it has been great,” says DeAngelis. This level of support and simplicity has helped Access Networks earn a Bullet Brand designation in this year’s CE Pro Brand Analysis, reaching 41% marketshare among the CE Pro 100.

Earlier this year, Access Networks unveiled its own branded line of stackable switches available individually and as part of its custom Core Systems. The ANX 7150 line of switches caters to integrators who need reliable and scalable networking solutions for residential and commercial applications. 

On top of being easy to install for technicians, DeAngelis extols the virtues of Access Networks’ remote monitoring capabilities, which enable Signals AV to keep track of every aspect of an install, and the company’s excellent support team.

“[Access Networks] are always very responsive when it comes time to upgrade, or for license renewals, anything. They have been there for us,” he adds.