11 CEDIA Talks You Can’t Miss at ISE 2019

There’s plenty to see at ISE 2019, but don’t miss these CEDIA Talks covering topics like DC microgrids, cinema grades, and mass sensorization.

11 CEDIA Talks You Can’t Miss at ISE 2019

With 11 different discussions and eight different presenters, the CEDIA Talks at ISE 2019 are chock-full of valuable information for integrators. : ISE website

When ISE is on the brain, often the first thing CE pros think about is all of the new tech to check out and how best to maximize their time at the show. However, ISE 2019 attendees would be remiss to neglect the many excellent educational offerings CEDIA is providing during the show in the form of its CEDIA Talks

Throughout the four days of ISE 2019, CEDIA will be hosting 11 different talks ranging in topics from Web 3.0 to Direct LED to the true meaning of AI.

CE Pro founding editor Julie Jacobson has her own CEDIA Talk, titled “The Wellness Movement: What Science Says About Lighting, Audio, Air Quality, VR, and More” that will surely be informative and entertaining. Don't miss it!  

Here's a list of each CEDIA Talk broken down by day: 

February 5th CEDIA Talks:

What's So Human Centric About Human Centric Lighting?
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Sam Woodward

Confused by the industry advances from dimming to HCL? What is Human Centric Lighting anyway – discover that it's so much more than just warm dimming! This session will give an overview of the ways to consider people when lighting them, and specifying lighting controls for them to interact with.

The Five W's of 5G 
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Michael Heiss

5G is more than just the next generation of cell phone technology. Delivering “fiber bandwidth over the air”, it will fundamentally change the way that many devices communicate. This top-level will bring you the “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How” so that you are prepared for the imminent arrival of 5G.

Web 3.0 The Spatial Web 
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Rich Green

In a few short years, every aspect of our daily lives will be transformed by the Spatial Web. It starts today with the convergence of IoT, 5G, AR/VR and Blockchain. Virtually everything in our environment will be both physical and digital.

Objects, rooms, buildings and vehicles will have spatial URLs allowing us to interact with layer upon layer of dynamic data made decentralized and secure with open operating systems authenticated by our personal, rule-based blockchain systems.

This short talk will tease you with the Spatial Web, aka Web 3.0, and how it will change everything.

February 6th CEDIA Talks: 

DC Microgrids and Power Quality in the Home
Time: 11:00 AM
LocationCEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Ken Erdmann

LED lighting, USB power, POE are just a few culprits creating problems for power system in the home. Nonlinear loads are creating terrible harmonics which affect power quality and efficiency. Alternative energy solutions output DC, then we convert it to AC, then back do DC!

How do we ensure proper power with a low noise? The weakest link happens to be the storage batteries. what is going on in the world to help solve these problems? We'll talk all of this and new battery emerging technologies

Will Direct LED Replace Two-Piece Projection?
Time: 2:00 PM
CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Michael Heiss

Some pundits are saying that the size and quality of immerging direct-view LED displays may mean the “end of projection”. Perhaps, perhaps not, as both technologies will likely remain viable into the future.

Which is best in a given application? What are the costs and pitfalls? Learn the facts at this CEDIA Talk to reach the right solution for your installations.

From Fire to Photons 
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Sam Woodward

Exploring the exciting evolution of lighting from filament lamps to LEDs, and the protocols that are propelling it. This whistle-stop tour of all things lighting will ensure you’ve heard of the light sources, the acronyms and the buzz-words that are illuminating our world and providing business opportunities for integrators.

February 7th CEDIA Talks:

Cinema Grades, CEB22, CEB23, Designer Facts 
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Peter Aylett

As the authority in the design and installation of high-performance AV spaces in the home, CEDIA already has a range of recommended practices and other resources that define best practice.

2019 will see all of these updated, and three new exciting ones added to make up the complete picture to define performance grades, define engineering specifications for products, define design best practice, and bring all these together with comprehensive guidance notes.

This session will outline CEDIA's plans and also introduce potential opportunities for CEDIA members to get involved in this exciting industry defining work.

Mass Sensorization 
Time: 2:00 PM
CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Christiaan Beukes 

The internet of everything. Name a smart device which doesn’t have some form of sensor in – bet you can’t; because they don’t exist. The ongoing battle of privacy vs data harvesting, the uberisation and click-of-a-button availability of anything and everything aimed at making your life easier, more relaxed, and more sinisterly controlled.

If you’re not paying for it; you are it; advertising, marketing, everything and everyone has a price – you just don’t know that you’ve already been sold. This is a short, sharp but human perspective on daily interactions with ‘harmless’ technology, the constant grapple for subconscious control of our information, our wallets, our lives and the subtle, ‘smart’ subversion of our perceptions.

Wi-Fi 6… The Answer to Your Wi-Fi Woes?
Time:4:00 PM
CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Geoff Meads

With Wi-Fi now an expected utility in all buildings and 5G threatening to change the landscape of mobile data, what's next for our beloved Wi-Fi? Enter 'Wi-Fi 6' the next big thing in wireless LAN! The introduction of Wi-Fi 6 will bring, not only speed and capacity benefits, but a complete renaming of the Wi-Fi standards we know and love.

In this talk we'll delve into the data speeds, radio bands and device availability, and learn the new language of Wi-Fi standards!

February 8th CEDIA Talks:

The Wellness Movement: What Science Says About Lighting, Audio, Air Quality, VR, and More
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenter: Julie Jacobson

These days, integrators are starting to automate tunable-white fixtures to simulate natural daylighting and modulate circadian rhythms – scientifically shown to improve productivity, sleep, memory and overall wellness. But the fast-growing “wellness” movement involves much more than lighting.

Indoor air quality is key; so are less-obvious environmental factors such as acoustics, visuals, and smells. This presentation addresses the compelling research behind “well building” initiatives, the huge business case for wellness design, and the big opportunity for home technologists.

What Does AI Actually Mean?
Time: 2:00 PM

Location: CEDIA Booth 1-E20
Presenters: Rich Green and Peter Aylett

As social and consumer trends mature, so does the ever shifting aspirational definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence). This session will define the important terms, and explore how the next decade will see a gradual shift towards the previously sci-fi reality of Broad General AI, and how this will affect the experiences and solutions that we'll be delivering to our customers in the future.

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