CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis 2014

Looking back at last year’s annual “CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis” it was quite noticeable through the numbers to see the transformation the custom electronics industry had undertaken. Fast forward a year and it appears that transformation is complete.

No longer driven by large home theaters, whole-house automation, audio/video systems and other ostentatious solutions, value and connectivity now clearly drive sales. Today’s custom installation client wants home entertainment, energy management, lifestyle enhancement, and fast and reliable Internet connectivity. These are the areas where installers have the most opportunity.

Manufacturers that include Sonos, Integra, Epson, SnapAV, Pakedge, Lutron, Crestron and a handful of others are well represented throughout this year’s numbers as both the highest revenue dealers that comprise the CE Pro 100. Their clients look to these manufacturers and similar category leaders to provide them with their latest in residential electronics.

Following are charts representing all technology categories and the top brands used by CE Pro 100 companies (revealed in the May 2014 print issue). See a complete list of not just the top leaders, but all the suppliers in each category here.

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