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Wilson Electronics

CE Pro 100 Names Top Cell Phone Booster Brands

By Robert Archer · June 13, 2017 • Wilson continues to lead the cell phone signal booster market by a wide margin, but SureCall makes strides to narrow the gap to 37 dealers. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

WilsonPro’s New Pro 1050 is First FCC-Approved Inline Cellular Signal Booster

By Robert Archer · May 8, 2017 • WilsonPro claims its new new Pro 1050 Inline Cellular Amplifier System is the first inline cellular booster system approved by the FCC and wireless carriers.

WilsonPro 1000/1000R Provide Enterprise-Grade Cell Phone Connectivity

By Robert Archer · March 10, 2017 • WilsonPro's latest cell phone signal boosters are designed to provide cellular coverage in large, commercial spaces as well as improved voice, data and 4GLTE.

How to Choose the Right Cellular, Wi-Fi or HDTV Signal Booster for Home Installs

By Advertorial · October 12, 2016 • An all-in-one signal booster is great for home installs where the cellular, Wi-Fi or HDTV signals are weak. For larger buildings, consider a professional rack-mounted commercial signal booster.

Inside Wilson’s CEDIA 2016 Booth: Wilson Pro 4000, 4000R Cell Signal Boosters

By CE Pro Editors · September 28, 2016 • CEDIA 2016: Wilson Pro 4000R cellular signal booster features four indoor antenna ports, so it's sort of like getting four boosters in one. It's also rack-mountable.

CEDIA 2016: WilsonPro 4000R Cell Signal Booster Covers Large Homes, SMB Buildings

By Robert Archer · September 17, 2016 • Wilson Electronics meets growing market expectations for cell signal boosters in larger buildings, mainly large homes and small to medium sized businesses, with its new WilsonPro 4000R, shown at CEDIA 2016.

New WilsonPro Products Provide Efficient, Enterprise Grade Cell Signal Coverage

By CE Pro Editors · September 14, 2016 • Wilson Electronics demonstrates signal solutions for homes and offices of all sizes at CTIA Super Mobility.

CEDIA Q&A: WilsonPro 4000R Delivers the Power of 4 Boosters in Single Unit

By CE Pro Editors · September 9, 2016 • Visit Wilson Electronics at CEDIA 2016 to see the WilsonPro 4000R, the first rack mounted, cell booster to incorporate four separate signal amplifiers feeding multiple indoor antennas.

CE Pro 100 Top Home Networking Brands: Structured Wiring, Networks, Cellphone Boosters and More

By Robert Archer · June 10, 2016 • Survey of CE Pro 100 top home technology integrators reveals the most-specified brands in these home networking and connectivity categories as part of our annual Brand Analysis.

weBoost Unveils Plug-and-Play $349 Cell Phone Signal Booster

By Jason Knott · January 20, 2016 • Using a Faraday Cage in its booth at CES 2016, Wilson Electronics' consumer brand weBoost launched the eqo at CES 2016, a sleek plug-and-play cellphone signal booster that covers 1,200 square feet in a home.

New Wilson CEO Focusing on Improved User Experience

By Jason Knott · December 11, 2015 • New Wilson Electronics CEO Bruce Lancaster says the company will focus on making the cell phone signal booster product more consumer-friendly and growing its WCI authorized network.

Building Business Models Around Cell Boosters

By CE Pro Editors · December 5, 2015 • Cellphone signal boosters burst onto the custom installation scene several years back. Now, with time and experience behind them, several integrators have created a solid business model around these devices. Those business models include finding the right sales technique that. . .

BYOD Spurs Commercial Cellphone Booster Market

By Jason Knott · December 3, 2015 • The growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, use of the cellular network as a primary data delivery system and the need to seamlessly crossover between Wi-Fi and cellular are driving commercial market demand for cellphone signal repeater networks.

CEDIA 2015 Video: Wilson Electronics Pro 70 Plus Brings Voice, Data Coverage Inside

By CE Pro Editors · October 30, 2015 • Go inside the Wilson Electronics booth at CEDIA Expo 2015 with this video interview.

How to Build Business Models Around Cell Boosters

By Jason Knott · October 22, 2015 • A pair of integrators from Sybran Communications and The Repeater Store detail success stemming from their effective demonstration and deployment of the profitable cellphone booster category.

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