Platinum Tools

Are Your Ethernet Connections Exposed to Harsh Elements?

By Advertorial · March 21, 2019 • Announcing New Waterproof RJ45 Couplers

NSI Industries Merges With Platinum Tools

By CE Pro Editors · March 14, 2019 • NSI says its merger with Platinum Tools will help expand its market reach and add more category depth to its electrical and control products.

Platinum Tools’ ‘Controlled Chaos’ CEDIA Expo 2018 Booth

By CE Pro Editors · September 5, 2018 • Platinum Tools invites technicians to actually use its products during CEDIA Expo 2018, including its ezEX crimping tool with a pass-through design.

The Gigabit Performance Challenge Is Upon Us

By Advertorial · May 8, 2018 • The Net Chaser™ provides the real-world tests to prove the network.

Even More Highlights From ISC West

By Andrew Nichols · April 13, 2018 • ISC West is chock full of companies vying for your time, so here's another group of worthwhile booths and things to see.

Strip Virtually Any Wire with Just One Hand using Platinum’s New Self-Adjusting Strippers

By CE Pro Editors · December 18, 2017 • Installers can strip virtually any wire, no matter the gauge, with a single hand using the new self-adjusting Minim and Maxim wire strippers from Platinum Tools.

How to Terminate Cat5e/6/6A cabling

By Advertorial · November 14, 2017 • With the new EXO Crimp Frame® and ezEX-RJ45® Kits.

How to Terminate Cat5/6/6A cabling

By Advertorial · September 15, 2017 • The Single Connector Solution for Cat5 & Cat6 Cabling with Genuine ezEX-RJ45® Connectors.

CEDIA Q&A: Platinum Tools Terminates Cat5e/6/6A Cables Easily

By CE Pro Editors · August 21, 2017 • If you ask just one question at Platinum Tools' CEDIA 2017 booth #4452, it should be, 'How do I terminate Cat5e/6/6A cables?'

Cable to Connector Compatibility Is a Challenge

By Advertorial · July 19, 2017 • A new system for terminating larger CAT6/6A cables now shipping.

CE Pro 100 Names Top Tool and Tester Brands

By Robert Archer · June 19, 2017 • Fluke Networks jumps to the top of the tools and testers category, followed by Klein, SnapAV, Platinum Tools and Labor Saving Devices. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

Inside Platinum Tools’ CEDIA 2016 Booth: Net Chaser Tests Your Networks

By CE Pro Editors · September 29, 2016 • The Net Chaser from Platinum Tools is an Ethernet speed certification tool and network tester. Watch the CEDIA 2016 virtual booth tour to learn more.

Platinum Tools Introduces EZEX-RJ45 Termination System

By Robert Archer · August 24, 2016 • Platinum Tools' latest cable termination solution is specifically designed to crimp and flush-trim protruding conductors in a single operation.

CEDIA Q&A: Platinum Tools Knows the Easiest Way to Terminate Cat 5 and Cat 6 Cables

By CE Pro Editors · August 18, 2016 • Platinum Tools will show its EZRJ45 Connectors, which easily terminate Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables with a simple design, and will be giving away a network tester kit (T129K1) at the end of CEDIA 2016.

CE Pro 100 Top Dealer Support Brands: Distributors, Design & Proposal Software, Tools and Testers

By Robert Archer · June 14, 2016 • Survey of CE Pro 100 top home technology integrators reveals the most-specified brands in these dealer support categories as part of our annual Brand Analysis.

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