CEDIA Expo 2019: Dish Network’s 14 Big Reveals for the Custom Channel

Maybe you’ve seen Dish’s new Google Remote or the AirTV suite of cord-cutting awesomeness, but few outside of Dish have seen these 14 gifts to the custom-installation industry.


Frank DeFilippis, general manager of Dish Networks’ Custom Installation group, is a huge fan of the satellite company’s latest products and services related to content and control.

With Google Assistant now native to Hopper receivers, and a new companion Google remote, Dish is now super-integrated with the voice service. The big news there is that the big-screen TV becomes a giant smart display, with visual feedback from voice commands.

That goes not just for content-related requests (“Show me Justin Bieber videos”), but also other smart devices and services supported by Google Home.

In the video below, DeFilippis chats about a complete suite of devices and services that comprise what he calls “cord-cutting for pros.”

Talk to him too long about products, though, and he gets a little antsy. He wants to get back to the thing that made him leave his successful integration company five years ago: the drive to make Dish the best possible partner for home technology integrators.

His lonely one-man custom-installation “group” now has custom-centric evangelists, drivers for home automation systems, real recurring revenue for dealer partners, and a bustling team of support specialists dedicated to the custom channel.

Since CEDIA Expo 2019 is in Denver, and Dish headquarters are in Denver, the company is busing a whole crew of these concierge service providers to the show for the very first time – about 14 of them, DeFilippis tells us.

In his view, they’re about the coolest things at Dish’s booth this year. They’ll be chillin’ with dealers, providing face-to-face support like those genius people, and generally getting to know the industry, especially the folks they talk to everyday over phone and online.

In the video above, DeFilippis gives us the whole rundown of Dish at CEDIA Expo 2019. Look carefully, I think he sheds a little tear when he talks about the support crew, oh, maybe about the one-minute mark.

Visit Dish at CEDIA Expo 2019, booth #1707

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