OneVision Resources Announces First-Ever Dedicated Service Conference

To be held in Boston May 28-30, 2019, the OneVision 1NSIGHT Summit will unite forward-thinking integrators and experts in service to discover and share proven service strategies.


OneVision Resources announces the 1NSIGHT Summit, a conference designed exclusively to help integrators find success with service. Featuring keynotes and workshops led by experts from across the world of customer service, the 1NSIGHT Summit will be the first industry event to finally give service the spotlight it deserves.

Attendees will unite in Boston, Mass., for two days of networking, sharing, and discovery. Topics will include service processes and best practices, leveraging technology to remove friction and enhance efficiency, and driving a culture of service. Attendees will leave with fresh strategies they can employ to create more satisfied clients, happier employees, create recurring revenue, and drive more profit to their bottom lines.

Putting Service Front and Center

Traditionally, service strategies have taken a back seat at industry conferences, where new products and emerging technology trends consume the vast majority of their agendas. Integrators know that service plays a critical role in shaping the client experience, yet the topic of service is still treated as a footnote if it is mentioned at all.

The 1NSIGHT Summit gives service the spotlight it deserves. Service experts from across several different industries will share insights that attendees can leverage to create a winning service strategy. Topics will span several critical components of an effective service playbook including:

  • Service Technology: How to leverage the latest technological advances to streamline your service operations and enhance your client experience
  • Service Culture: How to establish a culture-of-service which empowers and encourages your team to go above and beyond for your clients, every time.
  • Service Processes and Best Practices: How to design and implement processes which remove friction from the service process, improving satisfaction for employees and clients alike while driving growth to your bottom line.

“Having attended hundreds of industry events myself, I have seen first-hand how the topic of service is usually treated as an afterthought,” says Joseph Kolchinsky, OneVision’s CEO and co-organizer of the 1NSIGHT Summit. “The 1NSIGHT Summit will be the first-ever event designed solely to help integrators and service managers implement effective strategies designed to convert service from their biggest challenge into their biggest opportunity.”

“Our industry evolves rapidly and it’s not just the technology that is developing fast,” said Ted Haeger, vice president of education and support at Control4, who will be keynoting the event. “The projects you do require keen technical acumen, from your team and from the vendors your team depends on. But you also need a service strategy—a plan for how to respond to current customers and keep them happy as you continue to add new customers. We at Control4 are delighted to be support 1NSIGHT as the first industry event helping integrators create modern service strategies.”

Integrators interested in attending the summit can lock in limited early-bird pricing by visiting A discounted room block is available at the Revere Hotel Boston Common.

“We are thrilled to attend this inaugural 1NSIGHT summit,” says Randy Schram, owner of Smart Home Systems in Bozeman, Mont. “We believe that service is the single most important part of our business and is by far the best way to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We are always looking for innovative ways to make our company more efficient, profitable and to make our service truly the best of the best.”