Stream Hi-Res Audio over Ethernet

Make the most from the Mirage eSeries with eAudioCast™ for flexible, profitable, decentralized multi-room music.

Decentralize and streamline your audio installations with great flexibility and profitability with the new Mirage Audio System eSeries, introducing proprietary eAudioCast™ technology, starting with the MMS-1e single-source music streamer and the M-120e four-room digital amplifier. 

eAudioCast enables complete decentralization of Mirage eSeries products. This significant development for integrators makes it dramatically simpler to bring digital entertainment into the most hard-to-reach zones. eAudioCast delivers pristine, high-resolution music playback and support for all the most popular streaming services over the home's existing networking.

Music lovers can enjoy as many as 32 simultaneous eAudioCast streams with individual zone volume control via the Mirage Media Controller App for iOS or Android devices. eSeries products can be part of a standalone entertainment solution or used in conjunction with the most popular home automation platforms.

The MMS-1e Mirage Music Streamer is a solid-state, single-source, WiFi-enabled player. Stream pure, bit-perfect Hi-Res Audio when paired with any Mirage eSeries amplifier. A product of ten years of audio innovation, the MMS-1e is a new generation of the award-winning MMS-5A, available in a lean form factor optimized for either rack mounting or structure wiring enclosures. The MMS-1e won Best New Product at CEDIA in 2016.

Pair the M-120e Four-room Mirage Digital Amplifier with the MMS-1e to deliver Hi-Res Audio to as many as 96 rooms via eAudioCast, making it perfect for decentralized audio systems. The M-120e leverages the innovation of the Mirage Digital Amplifiers with 30 Watts per zone, in a compact form factor optimized for structured wiring installations.



eSeries Best Practices: Wired Audio Networks

Leverage an existing wired network for whole-home audio distribution, and stream audio from any eSeries-enabled Mirage Music Player to multiple eSeries amplifiers. eSeries devices can pass audio streams directly from media server to amplifier without audio cable connections. Distribute up to 32 streams of audio throughout the network in as many as 96 zones by connecting multiple eSeries players and amplifiers. 

eSeries Best Practices: Wireless Audio Networks

The MMS-1e supports WiFi when a wireless connection is most practical. Connect an MMS-1e to the home network over WiFi, then distribute content via eAudioCast to an eSeries amplifier by locally connecting the pair with a standard network cable. Up to four zones can be supported in this wireless configuration. Larger systems require wired connections to the network.

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