Sonos Explains Software-Driven Audio, S2 and Sonos Radio

Byron Wendling of Sonos says the company’s software-driven audio approach provides an adaptable sound experience and ongoing product improvements

Ever since the company first hit public consciousness back in 2002, Sonos has innovated in the field of home audio. Through the company’s latest developments, including its S2 operating system (OS) and Sonos Radio, the software-driven audio manufacturer is bringing homeowners into the next era of home audio: immersive audio. 

Taking some time to provide, “a glimpse behind the curtain,” Byron Wendling, senior software product manager for Sonos, explains the latest product designs, including industrial, and he points out the value of using a software-based approach to audio gear. 

“It’s so fundamental to what we do—not just the actual products, it’s the software that makes the Sonos magic. It’s everything from the fundamental capability of all of our products to work together as a whole-home audio system; it is accessing those 100-plus streaming services; it is working with third-party services like Alexa and Google Assistant,” states Wendling.

“Another great thing about software driven audio is the ability of products to tune and adjust themselves based on where they are in the customer’s space and the setup within the Sonos system.”

Elaborating on the topic of software-driven audio, Wendling discusses the reason why the company developed its new S2 OS. 

According to Wendling, the speed of software development is faster than ever across the electronics industry. He emphasizes that in order to meet the company’s innovation goals, Sonos developed its S2 OS app and operating system, which offers more flexibility for new listening experiences.

“We introduced the new S2 app and operating system to really be the platform that powers the next generation of products and experiences from Sonos,” he comments. 

“S2 features support for higher resolution audio technologies that are evident with the Dolby Atmos experience that we introduced on Arc [the new Sonos immersive audio soundbar],” says Wendling.

He also notes S2 offers increased security and a new app design for easier use and personalization.

Later, Wendling talks about the benefits of the company’s new Sonos Radio streaming service, and what integrators and consumers can expect from the company in the near future. 

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