SIM2: Your High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Needs Brightness!

Options such as flagship SIM2 NERO 4S & CRYSTAL 4 Sh – Superhybrid projectors with 6,000 & 3,600 lumens, respectively, enable SIM2 dealers to maximize HDR in home theaters.

SIM2: Your High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Needs Brightness!

SIM2's new laser-based SIM2 CRYSTAL 4 Sh – Superhybrid offers 3,600 lumens of brightness.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is arguably the greatest advancement in video image quality performance since color, and something custom integrators can deliver to their discerning home theater clientele.

But, says Domenico Toffoli, R&D director for projector maker SIM2, “HDR needs brightness. Brightness is the key point to get any benefits from HDR technology in a home cinema projector.”

SIM2, the Italian projector manufacturer, has wide-ranging expertise in HDR having started 15 years ago working with Dolby Labs on developing a real HDR display. The reference video experience augments the company’s rich history in product development for the premium projection system segment of home theater.

SIM2 Projectors Address 4 Key Areas to Optimize HDR

There are four major issues at play in HDR to get full performance, the company explains:

  • Brightness: A minimum of 3,000 ANSI lumens for standard screens. Less than this, no HDR is noticeable.
  • Contrast: Brightness without contrast is pointless. Contrast is our eye’s reference point.
  • Color: Many manufacturers abandon proper color in pursuit of higher brightness, sacrificing realism.
  • Signal Processing: Without great precision in signal processing and perfect use of OTF curves, pictures will look flat, and precision tone mapping (necessary to avoid brightness clipping) will be wasted.

Without ALL of these HDR components artfully balanced, there will be no HDR benefit.

SIM2’s experience in HDR technology brings outstanding video performance to its flagship SIM2 NERO 4S, which offers 6,000 lumens and four HDR processing presets matched to screen size, as well as the new laser-based SIM2 CRYSTAL 4 Sh – Superhybrid with 3,600 lumens.

Both high-performance projectors offer an extended color space area up to 88% of DCI/P3 one.

These top performances, combined with the luxurious crystal glass cabinets, make SIM2 projectors different from all others in the market, and an answer to your HDR brightness dilemma.