IMAX Enhanced Brings Movie Lovers Closer to the Action

Featuring proprietary video technologies and immersive DTS audio mixes, IMAX Enhanced ecosystem delivers unique home cinema experience.

Featuring proprietary video technologies and immersive DTS audio mixes, IMAX Enhanced ecosystem delivers unique home cinema experience, the company tells CE Pro.

IMAX is the gold standard in immersive entertainment. With awe-inspiring imagery and heart-pounding audio, IMAX brings our favorite films to the largest of screens with unparalleled impact.

Today, consumers can get closer than ever to that cinema experience at home with IMAX Enhanced.

“IMAX Enhanced is an ecosystem that combines certified premium devices from the world’s leading manufacturers with content that has been meticulously mastered to deliver one of the most immersive home entertainment experiences possible,” explains Ara Matosian, sales, IMAX Enhanced/DTS.

Available from a growing list of global streaming partners, IMAX Enhanced content will become increasingly accessible throughout the year. 

“There are two challenges the program addresses. The first is device differentiation; and the second is optimized viewing,” Matosian says.

“For the first one, we’re really looking to help consumers identify best-in-class consumer electronics products. For the second one, optimized viewing, we’re creating a premium streaming experience that remains faithful to the filmmaker’s creative intent,” Matosian notes.

DTS Audio Preserves IMAX Mix; DMR Optimizes Video

IMAX Enhanced titles feature an immersive audio track by DTS that preserves the dynamics of the original IMAX audio mix, and the 4K HDR imagery is digitally mastered frame-by-frame using DMR, a proprietary technology from IMAX that ensures optimal color, contrast and clarity.

Select titles feature the IMAX expanded aspect ratio, giving your customers a larger picture for a more cinema-like experience.

Unique to IMAX Enhanced is a flag hidden in the bitstream. This flag is visible only to certified devices, and — when detected — automatically and seamlessly triggers adjustments to picture and audio settings for optimized playback, Matosian explains.

Device certification ensures that only the best of the best carry the IMAX Enhanced logo. Televisions, for example, undergo over 950 individual picture quality tests during certification. The result is a collection of devices guaranteed to faithfully reproduce IMAX Enhanced content as the filmmakers intended.

“Simply put, this is bringing consumers the best IMAX experience outside of the cinemas,” Matosian says.

Hear more from Matosian about IMAX Enhanced and how integrators can use it as a differentiator in the CE Pro video interview above.