21 Subwoofers for Home Theater and Music Listening

Subwoofers from companies as diverse as Sonos and Klipsch, to Aerial Acoustics and K-array can deliver high levels of music and surround sound enjoyment.

21 Subwoofers for Home Theater and Music Listening

The Paradigm Signature SUB 2 is a $10,500 subwoofer capable of delivering bass down to 9Hz.

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Home theater is thriving in large part due to new technologies such as 4K, HDR and immersive audio. While the home theater format continues to change or evolve with new formats such as 8K and higher refresh rates gaining increased momentum, tried-and-true solutions such as subwoofers remain the foundation of home theater. 

Subwoofers have been a part of the home theater equation since the early days of surround sound to bring theater experiences into home environments. Subwoofers have remained a key component of high-performing home theaters regardless of whether a system was utilizing basic technologies such as Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD or today’s immersive audio formats that include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Arguably the only thing that has changed about the use of subwoofers in home spaces and home theater systems are the more sophisticated way integrators are implementing these products. 

Over the past 20 years the custom-installation market’s growing knowledge of acoustics has driven a more scientific approach to how subwoofers should be placed in rooms. Additionally, through the educational efforts of companies like Harman, and organizations such as the Home Acoustics Alliance, THX and CEDIA, the number of subwoofers used to create a high-performing home theater system have also increased through the validation of science.

21 Subwoofers for Home Theater and Music

Today, not only does the market support object-based surround sound and multiple subwoofer installations, the manufacturing community has stepped up to offer integrators everything from traditional box, in-room subwoofers, to in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers, and other solutions such as in-ground subwoofers for outdoor usages, and products designed to integrate into homes by providing specialized duct work for specific applications.

Taking a look at just a handful of these subwoofer products, here are 21 subwoofers that can be used to reproduce music in stereo systems, multiroom audio systems, and the most advanced home theater systems.

21 Subwoofers:

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