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Nextivity Launches Cel-Fi Pro Signal Booster with LTE Coverage

Nextivity's third-generation smart cell phone signal booster--the Cel-Fi Pro--adds faster processor, more gain, echo cancellation, and LTE coverage for AT&T subscribers only in the U.S. currently. Reseller program reaches 500 dealers.

The Cel-Fi Pro from Nextivity adds LTE coverage in addition to 3G and 4G by using a new Toshiba 65 nanoprocessor.
Jason Knott · September 17, 2014

Nextivity Inc. has unveiled Cel-Fi Pro, its third-generation carrier-specific smart cell phone signal booster for 3G, 4G and LTE (including VoLTE). The unit is the first commercially available smart signal booster built on Nextivity’s third-generation Cel-Fi baseband processor (Toshiba 65 nanometer).

The Cel-Fi Pro automatically adapts to the indoor environment to increase cellular coverage, providing 10 times the gain of earlier versions. It also uses patented echo-cancellation algorithms for stronger signals in the coverage area, according to the company. The device is an all-digital, carrier-specific signal booster, and is immediately available in the U.S. for AT&T subscribers, and globally for other mobile network operators.

For integrators, the unit has a new user interface that includes a full-color display that drives technicians through the installation step by step. Also, it has the ability to measure the frequency dynamics inside a home or office. It means dealers don’t have to lug extra equipment around to test the RF dynamics to determine if the installation is well done or not.

“There is no other device that is LTE competent as the new Cel-Fi Pro,” says Werner Sievers, president and CEO of Nextivity. “You cannot buy off-the-shelf processors and piece something like this together. Cel-Fi Pro is powered by the highly intelligent and customized multi-core processor we developed, providing mobile subscribers with superior voice and data services indoors. For carriers, Cel-Fi Pro significantly improves network capacity, increases customer retention and reduces churn.”

Forty-one percent of U.S. households rely solely on mobile phones to make or receive calls, and more than 70 percent of all mobile phone calls originate indoors. Nextivity only recently launched its Reseller program. According to Laurent Gil of the company, it now has 500 resellers in North America in just the first three months of the program.

“Our goal is quality, not quantity,” says Gil.

The company also recently hired a new director for the Reseller program in North America.

“People are increasingly relying on their mobile phones as their primary mode of communication, making indoor cellular coverage more critical than ever before,” says Sievers. He tells CE Pro that the inclusion of LTE coverage is a “significant stride,” adding that the Cel-Fi is an “all-singing and all-dancing cell booster with LTE.”

Cel-Fi Pro aims to maximize both capacity and coverage by automatically configuring and prioritizing the use of available bands. The added capacity means that less-frequently used bands can be tapped to create a better overall experience for users, including no dropped calls and higher data throughput. Cel-Fi Pro offers voice coverage in indoor spaces of up to 13,000 square feet or 1,200 square meters), and four times the data throughput for HSPA+/LTE.

Product features include:

  • Up to four bands with channels of 5, 10, 15 or 20MHz to support up to 35MHz of boosted bandwidth
  • 100dB max system gain
  • Automatic configuration in the selection of UMTS/HSPA+/LTE bands
  • Plug-and-play functionality with no need for external antennas, cabling or subscriber configuration
  • Carrier-specific design for optimal performance, and zero interference to the macro network or to other carriers

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