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Highlights from CES 2018: Day 2 in Tweets

A roundup of CES 2018 day 2 tweets that summarizes all of the consumer electronics news that somehow forged its way through the #CESBlackout darkness.

Highlights from CES 2018: Day 2 in Tweets
Day 2 of #CES2018 in Tweets: holograms, robots, IBM Watson, Google Glass and other news bits, photos and videos from around the Tweetosphere.

Amanda Nichols · January 11, 2018

It's pretty simple to cover CES 2018 in Tweets this year because you get double the characters. While consumer electronics often get a lion’s share of the mentions on social media from CES, day 2 saw an increase in a variety of new applications for emerging tech. 

From the classroom to preventing concussions, and making life a little more accessible for those with a variety of disabilities, CES 2018 day 2 saw some forward-thinking applications to developing technology. Of course, there are still cute robots, holograms, and just about as many television types as you can imagine. All this, despite a 2-hour blackout.

Here are a few choice Tweets from Day 2 of CES 2018.

Google’s VR Scout should be in classrooms soon, using a blend of augmented reality and virtual reality to bring new meaning to “show and tell:”


Outside of the classroom and out on the playing field, Prevent Biometics showed off a mouth guard that can alert coaches or parents to potentially life-threatening concussion:


At home, a few small problems are met with innovative solutions. Over-the-air rechargeable AA batteries could help keep Bluetooth keyboards and mice running without the need to dig the batteries out of them:


Metasonic showed off a sound proof window that lets in air, not sound, so you’ll never have to hear the construction workers’ radios outside of your office window:


Speaking of work, smart glasses make another appearance this year, with a significant update from Google Glass. This one’s from Vuix, with their Alexa-enabled Vuix Blade:


Right now, Vuix is focusing on industrial employees over general consumers. Hologruf showed off a new 3-D hologram system, which they say can be used for advertising:


One more for the workplace, Zero Mass water is hoping to change offices over from bottled water to far more eco-friendly water, sourced from hydropanels:


A further focus on accessibility was on display, with some soft, self-healing robots that could potentially be part of a prosthetic limb in the future:


IBM’s Watson is getting in on the cognitive self-driving vehicle action as well with Olli, which they hope will assist riders with disabilities to enjoy greater mobility and an easier time navigating on public transportation:


A common problem for modern TV buyers is mounting (and the fear of a disastrous choice). LG may have found a way to keep your walls pristine (and your stress levels low) with a 65-inch TV that rolls up like a newspaper:


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Samsung revealed a 146-inch TV that will take over your entire wall and dubbed it, unsurprisingly, “The Wall:”


We’ll never stop hoping for our own cuddly robot pals, and Sony’s new version of their dog Aibo is hoping to fit that bill. Aibo the robo-puppy can do tricks and is capable of learning. Whether or not it learns to chew on your slippers will depend upon what you teach it.:


A few more great tweets from CES 2018: Day 2


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