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Title 24

More Regulations Coming to Residential Lighting: High-Efficacy Fixtures Everywhere

By Julie Jacobson · May 7, 2016 • Lightfair 2016: California’s Title 24, Part 6 (2016), the standard-bearer for lighting regulations nationwide, adds new burdens to residential properties, both indoor and outdoor -- more high-efficacy luminaires, more dimmers, more sensors. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

New, Tougher Title 24 Energy Standards Take Effect in California

By Jason Knott · July 2, 2014 • California's new Title 24 energy standard took effect on July 1 calling for a 25 percent reduction in residential lighting, HVAC and water use. Specific sections address lighting control compliance, including requirement to create a homeowner's manual of documentation. The law adds $2,000 to typical home construction costs.

Live from California: Why Title 24 Lighting Laws are Stupid

By Julie Jacobson · July 17, 2012 • California's Ill-conceived Title 24 "energy efficiency" law leaves us with a 2,100-square-foot apartment that has virtually no overhead lights.

How California’s Title 24 Lighting Law Affects Dealers

By Scott McClintock and Tom Leblanc · September 4, 2006 • Understanding California's revised Title 24 lighting and energy standards -- and why out-of-state dealers should care.