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PS Audio

PS Audio P20 Power Plant Regenerates Clean Power for AV Systems

By Robert Archer · November 2, 2017 • PS Audio's newly announced P20 Power Plant provides homeowners with a power solution that delivers low distortion, clean power.

MarkAudio-SOTA Tozzi Two Speakers Employ Single-Driver Design

By Robert Archer · October 20, 2017 • The Tozzi Two single-driver loudspeaker from MarkAudio-SOTA utilizes a 5-inch driver that is able to reproduce a frequency response of 90Hz to 24kHz.

PS Audio Launches ONE Music Project to Support Musicians

By Robert Archer · April 21, 2016 • PS Audio has teamed up with the mastering engineering Gus Skinas, Immersive Records, Blue Coast Records and Audiophile Societies International (ASI) to launch the One Music Project.

Latest DAC from PS Audio Compatible with DSD and PCM Content

By Robert Archer · July 9, 2015 • PS Audio's new NuWave DSD DAC accepts PCM signals up to 32-bit/192kHz from any digital source. All DSD signals are taken into the product's input in a native mode without any Sample Rate Conversion (SRC).

PS Audio Raises $56,000+ in Hours via Kickstarter Campaign for New Sprout Amp

By Jason Knott · June 17, 2014 • PS Audio turns to Kickstarter to raise $56,520 in a matter of hours for its new Sprout integrated amplifier. What are the ramifications?

PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter Rips Vinyl to Digital

By Robert Archer · August 21, 2013 • PS Audio's NuWave Phono Converter combines a phono preamplifier and digital-to-analog converter, allowing users to rip vinyl into digital files to listen to them on portable devices.

PS Audio PowerBase Combines Isolation & Power Conditioning Technologies

By Robert Archer · November 30, 2012 • PS Audio says its new PerfectWave PowerBase product isolates components from vibrations and it provides power conditioning to serve as a multi-dimensional A/V solution.

PS Audio Selling Direct to Consumers Online

By Jason Knott · October 30, 2012 • Citing the decline of the specialty retail channel, PS Audio will sell its high-end DACs and CD players directly to consumers online. PS Audio also cuts remaining retail resellers from 450 down to 90.

PS Audio Adds 2 Mini Power Stations

By Rachel Cericola · January 27, 2011 • PS Audio's PerfectWave Power Plant 5 and PerfectWave Power Plant 10 feature patented technology for power management and performance.

PS Audio tagNplay app

By Robert Archer · January 3, 2011 • The Colo.-based company's new app allows users to stream content to UPnP enabled media players.

Video: Learn to Create 3D Holographic Sound

By Jason Knott · April 21, 2010 • Using "imaging" techniques, a room can be designed to create the illusion where the loudspeakers "simply disappear."