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Why Control4 Bought Neeo; EOL Clarity on DIY Remote Control

By Julie Jacobson · February 6, 2019 • ISE 2019: Control4 clings to home-automation pro channel, acquiring Neeo for $11 million, and removing slick remote-control from DIY channel. Upgrade path promised.

Google Assistant Gets ‘Help’ Command for ‘Smart Senior Living’

By Julie Jacobson · February 13, 2018 • KNX home automation system with Google Assistant allows seniors and other residents to summon help by voice or automatically through IoT events; caregivers can respond remotely with realKNX system demonstrated at ISE 2018.

Smart Homes and Buildings – Also missing the forest for the trees?

By Advertorial · December 13, 2017 • “Smart home for everybody? Sure, but how?” – Finally all useful information here!

Centralized vs. distributed Smart Home Systems — What is the right choice?

By Advertorial · November 14, 2017 • Box or not a box – That’s the question…

The most important award in home and building control is open for registration

By Advertorial · October 20, 2017 • Take your chance to apply in less than 10 minutes, win the KNX Award and 1,000€

Lighting design and how it affects our lives – Privately as well as professionally

By Advertorial · September 22, 2017 • Learn in a free webinar the answer to the question: How can light make us feel better

Integrating Field Level and Management Level Technologies

By Advertorial · August 30, 2017 • Learn how field level and management level technologies can work together from KNX's latest webinar.

Integration of Air Condition Control – Where to start?

By Advertorial · July 12, 2017 • Learn more about HVAC in this article and a webinar!

Why Decide for One, When You Can Decide for More?

By Advertorial · June 21, 2017 • How to benefit from a variety of technologies.

Asking the Right Questions for the Perfect Lighting Installation

By Advertorial · May 24, 2017 • Or in short: How to become a lighting expert within 1 hour.

CDInnovation Makes it Super-Simple to Integrate RTI with KNX Home-Automation

By Julie Jacobson · May 1, 2017 • CDInnovation’s Maestro Gateway with RTI "driver generator" transfers all KNX home-automation settings directly into an RTI smart-home system with the press of a button. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

No Better Way Than This to Become a Professional Installer

By Advertorial · April 20, 2017 • Webinar invitation: “Electrical and Installation Considerations for Installers”.

Learn How to Integrate Your Own Smart Home in 3 Simple Steps

By Advertorial · March 20, 2017 • Interactive webinars explain the simplicity of smart home integration.

Missing Smart Home Standards – Why Did No One Else See the Solution Already a Long Time Ago?

By Advertorial · February 22, 2017 • The simple answer to a question, which is bothering a whole industry.

ISE 2017: NuVo Bolsters Ecosystem for Whole-House Wireless Audio, Including New DSPs

By Julie Jacobson · February 17, 2017 • At ISE 2017, Legrand’s NuVo bolstered its Player Portfolio ecosystem with a slew of audio products including its first soundbar and powered shelf speaker, plus multizone amp with DSP settings for each zone.

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