Luxul’s Epic Series Routers Empower Professional Integrators

By Advertorial · October 18, 2017 • The all-new Luxul Epic series router offers integrators a platform for delivering a superior user experience and building recurring revenue.

Integration of Air Condition Control – Where to start?

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ETechA Trains Integrators on 4K HDR, HDMI 2.1

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Blueprint for Boosting Your Audio Business

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Certification for System Integrators – What Benefits Do I Get as a Certified Integrator?

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Go Beyond the Basic Audio Applications

By CE Pro Editors · August 17, 2016 • Today's custom integrators and audio specialists have myriad ways in which to make sweet music for their customers. Sure, there are always the conventional two-channel stereo systems and multiroom audio systems that take advantage of architectural loudspeakers. But integrators have the power to take such systems beyond the typical installation.