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Focal, Naim Parent Company Acquires Audio Plus Services & Plurison

By CE Pro Editors · February 14, 2019 • Vervent Audio Group, the parent company of Focal and Naim, is looking to expand into the North American market by acquiring Audio Plus Services & Plurison and creating two new subsidiaries: Focal Naim America and Focal Naim Canada.

Focal Puts ‘Custom Installer’ in New Line of CI-Fi In-Wall Speakers

By Robert Archer · February 22, 2018 • Designed for whole-house audio and home theater, the Focal CI-Fi range of architectural loudspeakers provide professional integrators with a choice of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Focal & B&B Electronics Partner to Form Focal North America

By Robert Archer · June 23, 2015 • The European audio company Focal has entered into a partnership with B&B Electronics. Together, these companies have announced a cooperative company called Focal North America.

Focal Merges with Naim Audio

By Steve Crowe · August 19, 2011 • High-end audio brands Focal and Naim Audio have merged to create Focal & Co. The new company will own and manage Focal and Naim as independent brands.

Focal Viva Utopia/Viva Center Utopia loudspeakers

By Robert Archer · December 2, 2010 • The French high-performance speaker manufacturer has expanded its line of Utopia products to accommodate the needs of home theater enthusiasts that want the highest levels of audio performance for their home theater system.

Focal CMS 40 active monitor

By Robert Archer · June 14, 2010 • The latest active nearfield speaker from the French company Focal is designed for broadcast and home recording studios where cost and space are factors for users.

Hands On: Focal Solo6 Be Active Monitors

By Robert Archer · May 20, 2010 • Speakers impress with neutrality and well-controlled lower frequencies.

Curious 2-Year-Old Destroys World’s Best Tweeter

By Robert Archer · January 19, 2010 • Halfway through a review of Focal's Solo6 Be monitors, my son, Nicholas, poked a hole through the tweeter.