Customer Service

Yes, You Can Begin Generating Recurring Revenue in 60 Days

By Joseph Kolchinsky · April 17, 2019 • It's easier than it looks. Step 1: Create a new Terms of Service agreement outlining your service policies. Step 2: Present clients with tiered membership plans. Step 3: Wait for the opportunity to upsell.

Most Frustrating Vendors in the Home-Technology Channel

By Julie Jacobson · April 6, 2018 • Integrators complain about big-picture issues like margin and market saturation, but also seemingly small things like: 'They do not put all the parts in the box.'

5 Reasons You Need a Ticketing System in Your Business

By Jason Griffing · October 24, 2017 • Using piecemeal solutions instead of a ticketing system to manage your service may be hampering your client experience.

23 Big (and Small) Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sell Service Plans

By Jason Griffing · September 21, 2017 • Too few integrators in the industry understand what's involved in implementing service plans ... until it's too late.

3 Ways to Step Up Your Customer Service Game

By Jason Griffing · August 16, 2017 • It's hard to make the project-to-service transition, but these three pillars of a service-first approach will help get you started. For more info, attend OneVision's service workshop at CEDIA 2017.

Under the Surface of Lennar’s Move to Wireless & Amazon Smart-Home Services

By Joseph Kolchinsky · August 2, 2017 • When paired with Lennar’s decision to utilize Amazon Home Services for installation, the builder’s sharp reduction in low voltage cabling reinforces the notion that it sees a traditional path to the smart home, the CEDIA channel, as outdated.

Did You Notice This One Line in Amazon’s Smart Home Service Message?

By Jason Griffing · July 30, 2017 • One sentence tucked into Amazon's smart-home service offering is evidence that Amazon intends to get involved on every part of the home technology installation value chain, including exceptional customer service.

Why Recurring Revenue Skeptics Are Missing the Point

By Joseph Kolchinsky · July 29, 2017 • Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) may not be necessary to drive company valuation, but providing great smart-home customer service absolutely is.

LA Integrator Creates 24/7 Service App After CE Pro Summit Discussion

By CE Pro Editors · July 28, 2017 • Max Angst, CEO of MAXSYSTEMS, says customers can now request service simply by touching a button on their smartphone app.

Improve Your Customer Service with One Simple Phrase

By Jason Griffing · July 5, 2017 • To elevate your customer service offering and start raking in the recurring revenue, focus less on how your daily interactions can benefit you and more how you can help others.

What Magnolia’s ‘Mag Care’ Remote Support Says about the Future of Service

By Joseph Kolchinsky · June 14, 2017 • There are two big lessons home technology integrators can take away from the news that Best Buy’s Magnolia will offer remote network support, called Mag Care.

4 Software Tools to Help You Deliver the Best Customer Support

By Advertorial · June 8, 2017 • Do you have the software it takes to deliver great customer support?

How Texadia Systems Grew to $6.2M in Sales in Just 3 Years

By Jason Knott · June 6, 2017 • Texadia Systems focuses on several niche markets, including commercial relocation projects, design/build A/V projects, high-end custom homes and multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

5 Steps to Combat Key-Person Dependency on Your Service Team

By Jason Griffing · May 17, 2017 • Key-Person Dependency describes when an organization relies too heavily on the knowledge or ability of one person. It's a risky situation for a business, especially when it comes to your service team.

Why Customer Service Is the Last True Smart-Home Differentiator

By Jason Griffing · May 17, 2017 • Changes in the smart-home landscape — like IP-control, open-API’s, drag-and-drop programming and pre-configured UI’s — are bringing technological barriers down and making it easier for competitors to enter the market.

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