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JJ Opines: What if Local Integrators Collaborate, Not Just Compete?

By Julie Jacobson · April 19, 2019 • Julie Jacobson: Car-rental companies share passenger vans, parking lots, rental facilities, signage and often personnel. Why couldn't local home-tech integrators do the same?

Total Tech Strengthens Synergies With Emerald Connected Media Brands

By CE Pro Editors · March 27, 2019 • CE Pro, Commercial Integrator and SSI editors and publishers available to assist sponsors in presentation content creation and post-event media amplification programs. Enhanced event coverage planned, too.

TCD Case Study: Home Theater Software Wins Jobs, Engages Trade Partners

By Julie Jacobson · November 27, 2018 • For UK integrator Thinking Bricks, The CEDIA Designer (TCD) software is more than a powerful, math-based home theater-design platform. It's an exceptional marketing tool that validates pricey projects, engages interior designers, wins jobs and referrals.

How A Luxury Manufacturer Got Interior Designers to Love Home Tech

By Julie Jacobson · October 26, 2018 • When smart home technology is seen by the interior design community as a "necessary evil," Barco Residential wins by painting spaces with video.

Best 238-Word Linkedin Post by Integrator: Plan for Failure

By Julie Jacobson · October 12, 2018 • In an awesome Linkedin post, integrator Kyle Griffith of KG Theaters explains how his company plans for smart-home failures -- like urging customers to purchase spare parts before they're discontinued.

6 New (And Successful) CE Business Models to Reach Millennials

By CE Pro Editors · July 26, 2018 • It's not so much that Millennials and other modern-day consumers want cheap; it's more that they want simple, convenient and immediate.

CEDIA Finds: 5 New Business Tools including Leads, Field Service Software, Web Content

By Julie Jacobson · July 11, 2018 • CEDIA Expo 2018 includes 5 new exhibitors showing services and software for home-technology businesses -- everything from new-construction leads to field-service management software.

Best Ever Recruitment Video for Home-Tech Integrators?

By Julie Jacobson · June 20, 2018 • SAV Inc. knows how to get potential employees excited about home automation in this recruitment video.

More Great Hiring Tips in Tight Labor Market: Join Industry Forums, Pay for Referrals

By Jay Basen · May 16, 2018 • Experienced home-technology integrator suggests participating in industry forums to find potential employees with the right skillsets, and offering generous bonuses for referrals.

Suppliers Better Fix Those ‘Pesky Little Things’ That Aggravate Dealers

By Julie Jacobson · April 25, 2018 • While vendors pour all their energy into fixing "the big ones" like dealer margins, they fail to notice customers drifting away over easy-to-fix annoyances like inconvenient office hours and out-of-date spec sheets.

Smart Home Pros Kill ‘em with Coddling, when Customers Just Want Convenience

By Julie Jacobson · April 10, 2018 • All those rich people who purchase smart-home systems and big TVs on Amazon ... are they "not your customers anyway" or do they just want a simple buying experience, a la Uber and Amazon?

Move over 4K, ProSource is All About RMR and Dealer Productivity in 2018

By Julie Jacobson · March 8, 2018 • ProSource added 13 new vendors in 2017, of which eight specialize in managed services and business productivity -- a huge focus for the home-technology buying group in 2018. Here's the latest in techs-for-hire, social-media management and productivity software from Summit 2018.

The Uberization of Smart Home Services: Julie Jacobson’s ‘CEDIA Talk’ at ISE 2018

By Jason Knott · March 2, 2018 • Video: CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson presents a 30-minute "CEDIA Talk" during ISE 2018, encouraging integrators to embrace some of the principles that make Uber and Amazon so attractive to consumers.

HDR TV Sales to Increase Approximately 300 Percent by 2021

By Robert Archer · November 6, 2017 • According to the research company IHS Market, HDR TV sales will grow from just over 12 million in 2017, to about 48 million by 2021.

Stamm Media Eliminates Chaos with Help from ConnectWise Platform

By CE Pro Editors · October 27, 2017 • The ConnectWise platform helped Stamm Media and Stamm Technologies go from a company in crisis to one that bids on--and regularly wins--large projects.

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