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SIM2: Your High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Needs Brightness!

Options such as flagship SIM2 NERO 4S & CRYSTAL 4 Sh – Superhybrid projectors with 6,000 & 3,600 lumens, respectively, enable SIM2 dealers to maximize HDR in home theaters.

CE Pro Editors · June 24, 2021

SIM2 CRYSTAL 4 SH Super Hybrid

CRYSTAL 4 SH Super Hybrid Laser Projector

The Italian video manufacturer SIM2 has been manufacturing high-performance projectors for the residential market for years and its latest product is the CRYSTAL 4 SH Super Hybrid projector. Known for its combination of sleek industrial designs and image quality, SIM2‘s latest projector incorporates a precision lens that’s coupled to a laser-hybrid light engine. More specifically, […]

Robert Archer · March 08, 2021

CEDIA Expo 2019 Sound Rooms Deliver Entertainment and Education

The CEDIA Expo show floor demonstration area is bigger than ever before. Here is a look at the 19 brands showcasing their latest products and technologies in the Sound Room portion of the event.

Robert Archer · August 23, 2019

CE Pro 100 Names Top Projector Brands

Sony has increased its leadership position in the projector category, and Sony, Epson and Digital Projection each added to its numbers.

Robert Archer · June 05, 2017

ISE 2017: SIM2, Joe Kane Partner for Ultra HD 4K HDR Demo

Joe Kane is working with SIM2 to demonstrate the Italian company’s Real High Dynamic Range projection system during ISE 2017 in Amsterdam.

Robert Archer · February 09, 2017

State of 4K UHD Projectors at CEDIA: DP to Launch $20k TI-Powered Unit

The new 4K UHD home cinema chip from Texas Instruments is almost shipping, and Digital Projection plans to rival Sony, Barco Loki, Sim2, JVC, Epson and others with native 4K UHD projectors at CEDIA 2016.

Julie Jacobson · September 06, 2016

Hands On: SIM2 Focuses on Color Accuracy, Not Resolution, with AR Projector

In a market where 4K is becoming the standard, how does a 1080p projector stand out? By focusing on color accuracy, which is a much more important component according to SIM2’s Massimo Zecchin.

Alice Gustafson · April 04, 2016