Yale’s Assure Lock SL Electronic Deadbolt Works with Smart-Home Systems

Yale Assure Lock SL integrates into security systems from companies like Alarm.com, ADT, Honeywell and Qolsys, as well as smart-home systems like Samsung’s SmartThings and Wink.


Arguably one of the final pieces to make a home truly “connected” is the addition of a smart lock, like the new Yale Assure Lock SL electronic deadbolt.

Announced at ISC West in Las Vegas, the Assure Lock SL electronic deadbolt is a touchscreen-based, key-free design that homeowners can use as a standalone keypad lock or they can upgrade it through the addition of a Yale Network Module. 

Elaborating on the lock's home control and automation capabilities, Yale says the lock integrates into security systems from companies like Alarm.com, ADT, Honeywell and Qolsys, as well as connected home systems like Samsung's SmartThings and Wink.

Features of the Yale Assure Lock SL Electronic Deadbolt

Describing the lock's industrial design, Yale says the Assure Lock SL has a smaller and slimmer profile than other Yale smart locks. The lock features a black touchscreen that is set in a sleek metal bezel that's available in a choice of three finishes: satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass.

Built to last, the electronic deadbolt utilizes a weather-tight construction and a bright capacitive touchscreen that awakens when touched. 

Yale points out the lock's keyless design underscores the safety levels of the lock because there is no cylinder to pick or bump. When used as as standalone deadbolt, users can unlock the deadbolt through a pin code that's input via the keypad.

The Assure Lock SL holds as many as 25 codes that can be edited or deleted at any time. 

Yale adds the proprietary modular design of its latest smart lock facilitates its integration into a control system through the use of its Z-Wave, ZigBee and HomeKit modules.

The Z-Wave and ZigBee versions are compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice command platform, which are available with the Amazon Echo and Dot products that in turn work with the SmartThings and Wink platforms.