Manage SnapAV’s Luma Surveillance IP Cameras Remotely Via OvrC

Luma IP cameras feature SnapAV’s Smart Motion technology that enables enhanced intrusion alerts to reduce false alarms as well as continuous and event recording.


SnapAV has announced that its latest Luma brand IP cameras are now available. 

Building upon its selection of analog cameras, which were introduced in 2015, the N.C.-based company says that with the addition of its new IP cameras, electronics professionals will have more choices to meet their system objectives. 

“We made a lot of big improvements with this series,” says Alex Patrao, product manager, Luma Surveillance. “They've [the cameras] got 4-megapixel resolution—which by the way is more than twice the resolution of our old Wirepath line—plus motorized zoom and focus on select cameras, and letterbox sensors that are tailor made for the A/V market.”

The IP cameras offer several new features, including the company's Smart Motion technology that offers enhanced intrusion detection alerts to reduce false alerts.

Installers can schedule notifications based on line crossing or custom intrusion settings. All integrators need to do is select a unique targeted area in a grid view with the click of a mouse, and dealers can also change settings such as white balance levels and digital noise reduction between day and night.

Another newly added feature of the camera line is the inclusion of the company's OvrC remote management platform, as well as other options that facilitate reliability and setup flexibility. 

“These new cameras also support both continuous recording and event recording modes due to a huge NVR firmware update,” adds Patrao. “Now you can record everything and find important events whenever you need them, either through a search or by scrolling in the timeline.”