Digging Deep into Savant Pro App Integration with Ring X

Using the Savant Pro App, integrators’ clients can view Ring cameras directly. Ring products available for dealers via the Savant Pro Store.


Savant is continuing its close partnership with Ring with the full integration with the Ring X Line integration and its Savant Pro App. Savant is the first control company to fully to fully integrate with Ring X, which is the professional line of equipment from Ring, division of Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN).

The two companies announced a multi-year strategic initiative last year that makes the Ring X Line bundle available to authorized integrators via the Savant Store. Ring X Line is a line of premium device bundles designed specifically for professional installers and their clients. These bundles include a select Ring device of the customer’s choosing, as well as a lifetime Ring Protect Basic subscription (for the useful lifetime of the device), and a 3-year limited warranty on the device.

The integration is central to the new Savant daVinci 9.4 software release that enables several third-party experiences, including Ring X.

“This latest release really is a milestone for us,” says Aaron Gutin, specification development director at Savant. “Not only is it the most-beta-tested release we’ve ever had, but it represents a major step forward in several areas of our experience. Not only did we rebuild our music experience from the ground up — integrating all of the personalization features we’ve been giving the market since 2014 — we did the same thing with our security integration by completely reinventing our customers’ experience with the security of their home.”

The new 9.4 release, which was in development for well over a year, covers hundreds of environments, including the new integration with Ring X. The kickoff of the Ring collaboration began last year when Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring, keynoted Savant’s 2020 Dealer Conference.

“I’ve been answering questions about it ever since, so we’re really excited to get it out the door. The reaction from the dealer base has been outstanding,” adds Gutin.

Andrew Vloyanetes, general manager at Ring, was impressed by the level of detail Savant took with the new 9.4 release.

“I applaud them for the attention to detail and the quality assurance to make sure they got it right and it was ready for prime time. I really admire them for doing that. It’s been a great journey so far,” he comments, noting that Savant even delayed the release to make sure it was just right.

Gutin explains that the integration of Ring X into the Savant ecosystem opens up a range of possibilities.

“The best part about working with Savant is that they were willing to carry our full line of Ring X through their dealer store.”

— Andrew Vloyanetes, Ring

“Ring X is an opportunity for Savant to take a product and allow it to be tied into the Savant ecosystem,” he explains. The functionality allows the images from the Ring X doorbell to be displayed in the Savant Pro App and permit customers to see and speak to the person at the door.

The integrator can also add custom functionality to that screen, like the porch lights off, opening the garage quickly for a package, and have two-way communication. The Ring X Floodlight is another popular product that can be tied into the Savant Pro App the same congruent experience a client has using any other product inside the ecosystem, adds Gutin.

Another key element of the collaboration between Savant and Ring is the availability of the entire Ring X line via the Savant Pro Store.

“The best part about working with Savant is that they were willing to carry our full line of Ring Xthrough their dealer store,” says Vloyanetes. “So if you’re a Savant dealer or you are interested in becoming a Savant dealer, reach out through them and you’re able to procure the product straight through the Store.”