Smashbox Founder’s Home Gets Much-Needed Tech Makeover

Integrator CW Technologies designed and installed an RTI automation system for cosmetics company founder Davis Factor that operates lights, shades, AV and more.

Smashbox Founder’s Home Gets Much-Needed Tech Makeover

Los Angeles-area integrator CW Technologies outfitted Smashbox founder Davis Factor's home with an RTI-backboned control system. All photos courtesy CW Technologies/RTI

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In 2013, Smashbox cosmetics founder Davis Factor increased the size of his Los Angeles home to 6,200 square feet after purchasing the adjoining property. As part of the upgrade to the estate, a reliable automation system was requested for intuitive control over lighting, shading, and streaming audio throughout the space, in addition to home theater components.

But the chosen and installed solution delivered unreliable performance, and with its inability to properly integrate systems, was far from user-friendly.

After years of frustration, Factor finally threw in the towel on his existing control system this year and contacted a local integrator to give his home a tech makeover.

For this potentially daunting job, he enlisted a familiar company and contacted CW Technologies — formerly CW Motorsports, a 12V audio integrator who worked on all of Factor’s vehicles.

After assessing the situation, the team at CW Technologies recommended replacing some of the home’s existing gear with higher end equipment, and utilizing RTI solutions throughout for control and automation.

RTI Fuels Easy Operation of AV, Lights, Shades

The home’s renovated automation system is powered by RTI’s XP-8v control processor, in conjunction with an additional three XP-3 control processors, four RM-433 RF receivers, and a PCM-4 Ethernet multipurpose I/O control modules.

Throughout the house, RTI is controlling a Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting and shading system and 22 zones of Sonos and AudioControl DSP amplification via IP drivers.

CW Technologies Smashbox RTI rack
CW Technologies installed a tidy rack that won’t suffer from reliability issues like the previous install.

In the home theater, a combination of IP, RS-232, and IR is utilized to control an AudioControl processor, Digital Projection projector and Da-Lite motorized screen, as well as source selection from Apple TV, DirecTV and Spectrum receivers, and a Sony Blu-ray player.

“For Davis, it was essential that the new control system provides what he previously lacked — ease of use and bullet-proof reliability,” says Carlos Warlick, president of CW Technologies.

“RTI control solutions certainly meet both of these criteria, but what really sets them apart is their Integration Designer programming software. We didn’t want to rely on outsourced programming for this project, as we needed to quickly handle any split-second changes Davis might request. With Integration Designer, we can easily tackle systems of any complexity.”

Scenes, App, Custom GUI Assist Simplified Controls

The homeowner and guests interact with the system using T2x handheld remote controls in the home theater, two guest bedrooms, living room, and master bedroom; T4x handheld remote controls in the kitchen, office, gym, and master bath; and an iPad running the RTiPanel app.

In addition to providing complete command over lighting and shading, and access to Sonos Favorites and volume controls, the interfaces feature one-touch scenes like “Relax,” “Bright,” and “Movie Time” to swiftly set the right lighting in each space of the home.

All control devices feature custom graphics based on the Aleera GUI template.

“Davis has been blown away by his new control system,” reports Warlick, whose company completed the project between June and August 2019.

“He’d been living with the old solution for years and never knew that control could be so simple and reliable. With RTI, he is finally able to truly enjoy the modern marvel he calls home.”

CW Technologies custom GUI Smashbox home theater RTI
CW Technologies simplified the homeowner’s GUI for things like easy source selection and room controls.