Sonos Offers Sonos Move Battery Replacement Kit

Sonos Battery Replacement Kit

The new Sonos Battery Replacement Kit is available in a choice of black or white (pictured here) for $69.

Sonos is introduce a battery replacement kit for Sonos Move. This soon-to-be-available option offers integrators an easy way to install a new battery to support their clients’ use of the speaker after years of extended use.

According to Sonos, its first battery-powered smart speaker continues to be a customer favorite for its sound and versatility whether it is used indoors, outdoors, or on the go. Sonos points out the Move speaker provides up to 11 hours of uninterrupted playback on a single charge. 

While the lifetime of Move’s battery will vary based on usage, customers can expect their battery to last around three years or 900 charges. The new replacement battery kit was designed so customers can continue to enjoy extended battery life for their speaker even after years of use, without needing to replace the speaker altogether. 

The replacement battery kit comes with everything needed for easy installation, including the new battery, tools, and replacement screws. Customers can purchase the replacement battery kit in Lunar White or Shadow Black on for $69.

Sonos Offers Spanish Language Content

In addition to its new battery replacement kit, Sonos has also announced that users will be able to listen to more than 6,000 hours of programs and podcasts available through Convoy Network, the largest independent platform for Spanish-language audio content in Latin America, beginning January 12, 2021.

To celebrate the partnership, Convoy Network has made its entire range of content, including the popular Tristekorno, Poderoso, and Olallo Rubio Podcast, available for free to Sonos users worldwide for a limited time. To listen, simply add the Convoy Network service to the Sonos app.

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