Russound Introduces VoicePlay Audio System

Russound, a manufacturer of whole-house entertainment systems, has announce the VoicePlay System, an in-wall multiroom solution with streaming audio and voice control with Amazon Alexa built-in.

Eliminating the need for a traditional bulky tabletop product, VoicePlay is designed to improve homeowners in-home audio systems as a primary audio source in new and existing audio systems. Powered across any existing wiring including Cat-5 or speaker wire, the system can send audio to up to 32 rooms in a home. Providing simple access the most popular streaming services and to content on any phone or tablet, whole house audio systems have never been more versatile. Using Wi-Fi, VoicePlay gives its users access to the built-in Alexa platform, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Napster, Qobuz and more. Featuring a Bluetooth 5.0 connection with 15-watts per channel and available synchronization of up to 10 rooms, an entire household syncs together effortlessly. Including black and white Decoracolor options, the VoicePlay keypad maintains an elegant aesthetic that will complement any household.

“In today’s world where people are spending more and more time at home than ever before, we wanted to provide a simpler, more versatile way for people to access and enjoy their music as well as provide smart home control through the power of Alexa,” states Charlie Porritt, CEO of Russound.

“To meet this goal of enhancing people’s enjoyment, the VoicePlay System’s astounding features of synchronized audio streaming, AirPlay 2 compatibility, voice recognition, and the variety of listening choices all lead to a vastly improved experience.”

According to the N.H.-based company, homeowners today are looking to smart home solutions and voice assistants to improve their living experience, simplify their lifestyle and enhance their entertainment options. With the launch of the VoicePlay System, it has addressed these needs while maintaining wide-ranging functionality and interoperability with this easy-to-use platform that will turn the house into a true smart home.

Once connected, the keypad can be powered across any existing wiring and mounted with just two screws. When the homeowner mutes the voice control, the microphones are completely powered down providing complete privacy. The user can then control the system directly from the keypad, which allows easy-touch volume up, volume down, mic on/off, and action buttons, just as any Alexa system would. This simplicity and versality are unique in the marketplace. 

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