MantelMount Produces TV Commercial

 MantelMount, a manufacturer of on-the-wall television mounting (such as over a fireplace) solutions, has created its first television advertising campaign to promote awareness of the MantelMount Brand and its patented  solutions for problems inherent in mounting a TV high on the wall.

The commercials are meant to create widespread exposure for MantelMount’s brand and overall awareness for its patented product category. Many people have TVs mounted high on a wall or above a fireplace, which creates a terrible viewing angle and can cause neck pain, eyestrain, and headaches. Most of these consumers are unaware that a TV mounting solution exists, allowing them to move their TV away from the wall and down to eye-level, while swiveling it for the perfect viewing angle. In doing so, they can enjoy the comfort and picture clarity commonly associated with 90-degree eye-level viewing. 

Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount, said that the company’s first foray into TV advertising is intended to reach multiple audiences. 

“We want to reach out to consumers with a strong message, making them aware that our patented pulldown and swivel TV mounts exist, and that MantelMount is the brand offering this solution,” states Marc.

“Our first VP of sales used to say our biggest competitor was anonymity. Once consumers learn what a pulldown and swivel TV mount can do, with a little research, they’ll see how well MantelMount stacks up against traditional mounts in terms of features, value, performance, and quality. In fact, MantelMount actually opens up a whole new world of room configuration and mounting options for residential and business customers.”

MantelMount’s market research confirms this “pull through” strategy should be significant for their dealers.  Of the 350 consumers who screened the MantelMount commercial, the majority would visit the website, and more than 50% indicated they preferred to use a professional dealer for purchase and installation. “As TV respondents visit to learn more, dealers listed in our Find-A-Dealer database are sure to pick up new customers,” said Marc.

MantelMount’s TV ads began airing November 23 and will consist of both 1- and 2-minute commercials, with shorter versions (30- and 15-seconds) created for later broadcast TV and online use. A holiday version, to run during the Black Friday time frame, will be added to the mix.

During the initial test run, the ads are scheduled to appear on a variety of national cable networks, appearing within news and sports programming. Some of the higher-profile outlets include Fox News, MSNBC, DirecTV News, and the BBC. Sports-related media outlets include Dish Sports and the Sportsman Channel.

“These commercials also benefit our dealer base,” adds Marc.

“The exposure will ultimately cause consumers to ask for MantelMount by name. And for those who don’t, increased awareness of pulldown and swivel mounts will motivate consumers to ask for the solution and recognize the brand when suggested by the dealer.”

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