Enclave Audio Introduces CineSync program for its Systems

Enclave Audio, the manufacturer of the immersive wireless audio system CineHome portfolio of products, has announced the introduction of the CineSync program for its CineHub-based wireless surround sound systems.

Designed to provide users with a convenient and effortless method to setup, calibrate, and control their Enclave Audio CineHome system, the CineSync program enables TVs and streaming appliances to remove the need for the use of a mobile device app and supports full, on-screen TV access to the complete suite of settings available for Enclave CineHome II and CineHome PRO systems via the TV or streaming device remote already in the customers hands. 

“While the TV or streaming appliance remote control does most of the daily work for Enclave customers, we designed the CineSync Program to enable consumers to enjoy a more streamlined and convenient method to setup, calibrate, and control their new CineHub-based wireless surround sound system,” says Rob Jones, CTO for Enclave Audio.

“By removing the tether of a mobile device or tablet and transferring the setup process directly to the big screen, the remote and the equipment that customers are already familiar with become the vehicle through which they can access, modify and personalize all the in-depth audio settings the Enclave sound system enables. This program not only makes initial set-up faster and convenient, but provides the most intuitive and natural way for consumers to adjust their settings during day-to-day use.” 

CineSync program Facilitates Fast System Connections

Supported via the Android TV, Apple tvOS, Amazon Fire, and Roku TV Ready platforms, the Enclave CineSync program is designed to deliver a single-cable, plug-and-play, high-definition wireless 5.1 channel audio experience that seamlessly integrates with existing home entertainment ecosystems.

When combined with any compatible Android TV or Amazon Fire platform TV/streaming device, users can choose from Bluetooth or USB connectivity to the Enclave CineHub for complete system integration into their entertainment system with the push of a button. Leveraging Apple’s tvOS supported Bluetooth connectivity, users can use their Apple TV streaming appliance to enjoy full on-screen control of their Enclave CineHub-based sound system.

TV panels that are compatible with the CineSync program include Android TV models that are offered by: Sony, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Sharp, and Phillips. Additionally, the Amazon Fire TV Edition models and U.S.-based Roku TVs are also compatible with the program.  

Streaming appliances compatible with Enclave’s CineSync program include: Apple TV, AT&T TV, Google Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire Cube, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, TiVo Stream 4K, T-Mobile TVision, Verizon Stream TV, and Xiaomi Mi. 

Additionally, projectors and laser TV’s from Epson, Optoma, Hisense, Nebula, Fengmi, Xgimi, and Vava are also Enclave CineSync program compatible. 

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