Autonomic Introduces MMS-OS 6.2 Operating System

Autonomic has announced its new MMS-OS 6.2 operating system for its flagship eSeries line of products.

This update contains over 200 new features and improvements and represents the company’s biggest release since Autonomic became independent, according to the digital audio company.

The company says the new operating systems provides increased functionality and improvements to its SyncTool. Through the updates Autonomic boasts that it’s now easier to set up a homeowner’s MMS products with all of the homeowner’s content and playlists available natively in their home’s control system.

Autonomic has also added a dark mode to its MMS-OS 6.2 platform, and with the update Spotify playlists can now be favorited and put on the top-level menu. Autonomic emphasizes these favorites will stay up to date with changes that are made From anywhere, including the Spotify phone or desktop app.

One other feature built into the MMS-OS 6.2 platform that Autonomic says that integrators and their clients will appreciate is that now everyone in the house can have their own stream which will preload their personal accounts by default. Autonomic stresses this capability is a great solution for many control systems that didn’t already have this type of functionality.

Moreover, it adds, communal accounts can still be shared across multiple streams.

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