UPS + Isolation Transformers

In time for the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience 2020, SurgeX has introduced its UPS + Isolation Transformers family of products.

The UPS + Isolation Transformers are built with line interactive technologies, and they couple a continuous power supply solution with power conditioning to create a complete power management solution.

Available in three models — UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200-Li-ISO, and UPS-3000-Li-ISO — the compact solutions bring all the benefits of a large-format UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to the rack-level, containing low-impedance isolation transformers that constantly filter and condition power to create a stable power environment.

SurgeX explains that a low-impedance isolation transformer separates ground and neutral voltage to eliminate anomalies that cause lockups and downtime for sensitive electronic systems and AV equipment.

The UPS + Isolation Transformers prevent high-frequency electrical noise from affecting performance to deliver clean, fully conditioned power to the source.

These solutions are also designed to stop harmful harmonics from reaching sensitive loads to ensure a safely managed interface between equipment and electrical supplies.

The UPS + Isolation Transformers are suitable for residential applications with the power to manage environments that range from 15 amps to 300 volts. The products are also compact enough to reside in a rack mount environment.

Additionally, SurgeX states the UPS + Isolation Transformers are virtually silent while providing a fast outage response time, as well as other attributes such as 0.9 output power factor, true sine-wave output, and a hot-swappable battery.

When AC electricity fails, the UPS uses its internal, maintenance-free battery to supply reserved power to connected equipment.

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UPS + Isolation Transformers
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