Sonus faber
Olympica Nova Loudspeakers

Italy-based Sonus faber is a high-respected audio company within the audiophile community. The company’s latest product line is the Olympica Nova series of speakers.

Sonus faber says that externally the Olympica Nova line of loudspeakers utilize asymmetric-shape cabinets made with eight layers of wood that provide rigidity to reduce vibration. The top of the speakers are wrapped in leather, and the leather merges into walnut or wedge wood panels set in die-cast aluminum plates.

The speakers also employ the company’s Stealth Ultraflex low-turbulence porting system, front baffles made of hand-finished wood, and spikes affixed to the aluminum plates help to decouple the speakers from the floor.

Internally, the speakers incorporate Sonus faber’s Damped Apex Dome (DAD) technologies on 28mm silk-dome diaphragm and Neodymium cap-based motor systems.

The midrange and woofers are redesigned versions of the company’s Homage drivers.

In addition, the crossover networks implement the company’s Paracross topology that is said to make the crossover networks less sensitive to radio-frequency interference.

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