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Hands-On: Sonus faber Palladio Series PL-664 Delivers Total Package

The Palladio PL-664 line of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers help provide integrators and homeowners with high levels of sound quality and room-friendly looks.

Robert Archer · November 16, 2021

Sonus faber De Santi Woodworking

Sonus faber Buys De Santi Woodworking Factory

Sonus faber has acquired Italian woodworking factory De Santi, allowing the company to support increased product demand.

Robert Archer · November 15, 2021

Sonus faber Lumina V

Lumina II and Lumina V Loudspeakers

Bolstering its selection of stylish and affordable Lumina loudspeakers, Sonus faber has introduced its Lumina II and Lumina V loudspeakers. The Lumina II is a bookshelf model and the Lumina V is the line’s flagship floorstanding product. Sonus faber says the product line first launched in September 2020, and its latest models are designed to […]

Robert Archer · June 15, 2021

Evolution Home Theater Sonus faber Palladio series

Sonus faber Palladio Performance Fuels Atlanta Integrator’s Audio Sales

Scott Carpenter, owner of Evolution Home Theater, features Sonus faber Palladio architectural speakers in his showroom to showcase a product line that brings musicality to the architectural speaker category.

Robert Archer · May 07, 2021

Sonus faber Lumina IIIs

Hands-On: Sonus faber Lumina III Speakers Redefine Value Proposition

The reasonably priced Sonus faber Lumina III floorstanding loudspeaker features Sonus faber’s Italian design heritage, and respected audio engineering concepts all in a single package.

Robert Archer · April 28, 2021

Sonus faber trade in program

Sonus faber to offer Trade-up Program for new Speakers

Sonus faber is introducing its new 2021 Trade Up Program that allows music enthusiasts in the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to trade in a used speaker toward a purchase of a new pair of Sonus faber speakers.  Sonus faber looks forward to offering the opportunity to a new and existing customers audience to take advantage […]

Robert Archer · February 01, 2021

Sonus faber Lumina IIIs

Lumina Collection Loudspeakers

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Sonus faber has announced its Lumina collection, featuring three models. It includes the Lumina I bookshelf speaker, Lumina III floorstanding models and Lumina Center I center-channel speaker. Sonus faber explains that the loudspeaker family name reflects key elements of its design and development influence. “Lumina” in Latin means “light,” but also a […]

Arlen Schweiger · September 21, 2020

Sonus faber Olympica Nova

Olympica Nova Loudspeakers

Italy-based Sonus faber is a high-respected audio company within the audiophile community. The company’s latest product line is the Olympica Nova series of speakers. Sonus faber says that externally the Olympica Nova line of loudspeakers utilize asymmetric-shape cabinets made with eight layers of wood that provide rigidity to reduce vibration. The top of the speakers […]

Robert Archer · June 03, 2020

Sonus faber Gravis III

Sonus faber Gravis III Sub Powered by 600-Watt Amp

The newest subwoofer from Sonus faber is the Gravis III. This sub incorporates a 10-inch driver driven by a 600-watt Class A/B amplifier.

Robert Archer · February 14, 2020

Bob Archer’s 2019 Products of the Year

Here are 10 standout products from 2019 that perform at the top of their respective product categories.

Robert Archer · December 05, 2019