SoftSmart Cinema Lounger Luxury Recliner

Led by custom-installation market veteran Richard Charschan, AcousticSmart is a N.Y.-based company that offers everything from home theater acoustical products to seating.

The company’s new SoftSmart Cinema Lounger incorporates “soft smart” foam that unlike traditional furniture foam, provides softness and comfort the minute it is placed in a room. AcousticSmart explains this foam is manufactured through a process that removes the hardness to make it soft for homeowners once it leaves the factory.

Some of other features of the new AcousticSmart SoftSmart Cinema Lounger luxury recliner include an articulating headrest that moves backwards or forwards to eliminate the need of an extra pillow to prop someone’s head up. This feature improves the ergonomics and viewing angle while watching sports, movies or streaming content to ensure someone is not looking up at the ceiling.

Additionally, some of the other features built into the SoftSmart Cinema Lounger include hidden cupholders that swing out when needed.

Moreover, the home theater seats are available in Classico and Luxton European leather grades, as well as the company’s popular Italian Elmo grade. AcousticSmart also offers its Ultrasuede and Theatre Velvet materials.

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SoftSmart Luxury Recliner
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