Snap One Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender

Snap One is supporting professional integrators that install Sonos systems through the introduction of its Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender.

The N.C.-based custom electronics manufacturer says that its latest product is designed to allow integrators to locate a Sonos Amp up to 492 feet (150 meters) from a source.

Providing this flexibility the company states allows dealers to place Sonos Amp products nearly anywhere in a home.

Snap One explains the Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender works with audio formats such as Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 and stereo LPCM. The Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender consists of a transmitter and receiver that allows integrators to use their choice of either SPDIF or HDMI ARC to transmit audio content from a remote TV back to a centrally located amplifier.

The company points out the extender system also allows integrators to use a choice of HDMI, USB or 110-volt connections to power the unit, and the system incorporates a DIP switch to select a choice of SPDIF or HDMI signals.

Snap One recommends that for longer signal transmission environments, integrators should use a minimum of at least a Cat-5e cable with the Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender to ensure reliable signal integrity.

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Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender
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