Scribe A.I.-Powered Whiteboard Camera

Developed to provide users with an affordable and convenient presentation solution, Logitech has announced its new Scribe A.I.-powered Whiteboard Camera.

Logitech says that its newest product works with popular collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and it enables users to broadcast whiteboard content as part of meetings with high levels of clarity.

The Scribe can be used in offices, classrooms and even at home as part of WFH hybrid systems for school or work, and to use it all someone needs to do is press a button.

According to Logitech, the Scribe is capable of capturing whiteboards up to six feet by four feet. Logitech explains the product employs built-in artificial intelligence so meeting participants can see the whiteboard unobstructed. The Scribe’s built-in A.I. technologies also enhance colored markers so writing and drawings are more clearly visible.

The new Logitech product comes with everything an integrator will need to help users display their whiteboards, including the wireless share button that connects to the Scribe via Bluetooth.

Logitech adds the Scribe is designed to save users money when compared to the cost of investing into expensive interactive display solutions.

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Scribe A.I.-Powered Whiteboard Camera
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