Samsung The Wall ICA Series 2021 Series of MicroLED Displays

Updating its popular line of MicroLED display line of products, Samsung has announced its new The Wall ICA Series of 2021 products.

The global electronic company’s new line of MicroLED solutions incorporates features such as new A.I. (artificial intelligence) processing, upgraded 120Hz frame rates, and a host of installation options.

Samsung explains The Wall ICA Series incorporates new Micro AI Processors that instantly analyzes and optimizes each video frame. The processing also delivers up to 16 different neural network models that are “trained” in AI upscaling and deep-learning technologies. Samsung notes the processing is capable of analyzing and optimizing video content up to 8K.

Other features built into the line of products include the company’s Black Seal Technology that is said to “blanket” the screen with uniformity to create a seamless canvas for improved black levels and detail.

The Wall ICA Series’ Ultra Chroma technology is engineered to produce narrower wavelengths that create RGB colors that are more pure and accurate than conventional LEDs.

Pointing out some of the installation options built into its new product line, Samsung notes the MicroLED solutions employ its new wireless docking connections and flexible design options that result with the displays offering users a cabinet depth that is twice as thing as previous models.

Samsung emphasizes The Wall ICA Series also provides the capabilities to produce 8K at 120Hz images, and it can be configured horizontally to provide resolutions up to 16K via a 15,360 x 1,080 pixel arrangement with a screen that measures more than 1,000 inches.

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The Wall ICA Series of MicroLED display solutions