Ruckus R550 and R850 Indoor Access Points

WhyReboot announces the availability of Ruckus’ new R550 and R850 indoor access points.

WhyReboot says the Ruckus R550 and R850 access points are Wi Fi 6 Certified products, and they replace the R510 access point.

According to WhyReboot, the R850 is the most powerful access point Ruckus ever built, and both new access points can be managed by the company’s Cumulus6 cloud-network management platform.

The R850 succeeds the R730 access points and WhyReboot says the product delivers fast, reliable connectivity in dense wireless environments. The cost-effective R550 is designed to provide integrators with a reliable, robust access point at a more user-friendly price point.

WhyReboot adds that both access points provide mesh networking options to eliminate the need cabling and complex mesh networking configurations.

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R550 and R850 Indoor Wireless Access Points
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